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PMs (privat messages) between blogs and bloggers

  1. I have often wished for a PM system that would allow bloggers to communicate instantly. Some bloggers share one blog. Others have each theirs but cooperate in groups. If WordPress had a PM system we would have a live talk from blogger to blogger. Any thoughts about that?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't want or need a private messanging service. Are you aware of the 3 chatboxes we can use on blogs? If not then see here >

  3. Yes, but I wanted to communicate with blogging colleagues behind the scenes. Some of us network a bit. It was not about chatting with readers.

  4. Set up a private blog and use P2 theme. Then invite the bloggers you want to chat with. As long is the list isn't over 35, then Bob's your uncle.

  5. No, I wanted the popups to emerge when I write a post for example. PMs more as tools. Not as chat. Like on the political debates made with sofeware such as vBulletin or phpbb. Those PMs are not for chat. They are for messages and you use them in order to coordinate a few things. Messages. Not chat.

  6. I'm possibly not completely understanding here, but my issue with this is I don't want anyone that comes to my blog to be able to easily email me. I even have to fight the urge to delete my contact page since I get a good number of wordpress.COM support requests sent to me by email.

    Sorry, not seein' it as a "need" for me.

  7. @TSP
    I'm in the same position. I removed my email address but I still have a contact forum. I'm getting requests from commercial sites to be guest bloggers on my site. I getting requests for business deals read as we want to put advertising on your blog, etc. The only way I can cope is to do all my work and blogging first before I go near my email accounts for my blogs.

  8. Yeah, I even put a blurb at the top of my contact form stating I would not be doing any .COM email support, but that barely slowed them down.

    For some, what universalgeni is suggesting might be real useful, but not for me I don't think. I and all the bloggers here that I communicate with already do it by email.

  9. Perhaps Matt & Co. will give us a "wall" like they have on Facebook and then implement a wall-to-wall feature.

  10. @universalgeni I think the Pm option is a great one I have been wishing for this feature also. = )

  11. Variety is the spice of life and I think options are great. The introduction of any feature that includes an opt out option will get accolades from me whether or not I choose to enable or it or to disable it.

  12. @universalgeni, the PM (or DM) messaging system you're looking for, is developed by You may want to check out their service.

  13. Isn't pretty much a reblogging platform ?

  14. @slikbonez, No exactly, is a social-networking blogging platform for conversations. They are not into pictures and personal media, instead, they're into sparking conversations. The idea is that you install their bookmarklet and clip excerpts of contents you find on the web. Or you share a URL with your thoughts on it and it will be converted into a blog post at the site. The platform also has social-networking built-in, you follow people and people follow you. They're also integrated directly with twitter (so you can tweet more than 140) and facebook. The integration is also linked directly on the comment streams (you can tweet the comments you post at Amplify). Plus a whole lot more (including the integration of P2 like stream of posts).

    I've been a long time user of and I use that service strictly for social-conversations on any topics of the day. The community is more personal and mature in nature (unlike various other similar social-networking service) plus they are small, so it works out well.

  15. Well, I guess Amplify is an option. Or old gmail pop-ups i the corner. But the other version is more live. Like most forums have.

    I didn't intend to communicate with readers that way. It was for fellow bloggers. Some of us work with news and a fast coordination is troublesome without instant communication.

  16. I know that Andy Peatling, who's developed Buddypress, has been adding features to it at a great rate. It's very likely that Buddypress functionality will be added to at some time in the not-distant future, and it includes this kind of messaging system.

    Which I hate, but I don't have to use it, do I?

  17. Which I hate, but I don't have to use it, do I?

    I suppose one can hope that there will be an opt out option provided, and if so, I'll disable it immediately.

  18. Opt out doesn't seem to be a normal part of the AutoMATTic vocabulary.


  19. @TSP
    Yet, but we can hope TPTB will see the need to acknowledge the wide diversity of members and provide means for all righteous TOS abiding bloggers to be happy under the umbrella by seeing to it that they kave option to say "no thank you".

  20. I kind of like the idea of having a quick way to talk to fellow bloggers. But what I would prefer is something embedded in the dashboard (thus invisible to passing readers) and maybe with a system like on twitter so you can only do it when bloggers follow each other. Or something like that so that truly popular bloggers don't get flooded with more requests/questions/etc.

  21. I use the passive-aggressive version of opt-out, in that I simply never reply to my PMs on Ning or Buddypress. It works well, particularly if you blog about it.

  22. *LOL* :D

  23. Evil! ;D

  24. Quote:

    "I kind of like the idea of having a quick way to talk to fellow bloggers". "invisible to passing readers".


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