.PNG Background Transparency Not Working

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    So, I have seen a few threads about various transparency issues, but I can’t find one that addresses my issue specifically.

    1) I use GIMP 2.6 to make an image’s background transparent, and then I save it as a .png.
    2) I then insert it into my post
    3) I go to look at my post, and although it’s faint, I can still see the image outline. (If I change my theme there is a white box around my images).

    Why won’t wordpress recognize my images as having a transparent background?

    The blog I need help with is raiseyourspirits.wordpress.com.


    We need a link to where this is happening.

    If the image is going into a post, and the image is resized by wordpress, then the transparency is stripped out. You have to prepare the image for the exact size that is being inserted into the post or wherever or it will not retain the transparency.


    Hi, I am having the exact same issue and I went back and prepared the image to the exact size that wordpress was resizing it too. I am tring to insert it into a post. I am using Photoshop and converting to .PNG.b Thanks for your help!


    Can we get a link to that post? We can’t really help till we actually can look at he source code and stuff.


    Just go to the Glenmorangie 18 post (it’s either the first or second post)

    You can see there is a faint white border around my image.

    I am going to try what thesacredpath said, and I will comment afterward.



    Yes I see an extremely faint outline.


    I just tried that, and I used “full size” so that the image was exactly as I had it in GIMP. It still is not working.


    The issue is, I want to change my theme, possibly with a different color of background, and I want to be able to use my images regardless of theme, and I want the background to always be transparent, so that faint outline is quite visible unless I stick with my current, white background.



    It’s extremely faint and frankly I don’t think many people will even notice it.


    Maybe I am just having creators syndrome: worrying about imperfections that nobody will notice unless they are looking for it.

    I would still like to know, though, in case I change my theme to something without a white background.


    @raiseyourspirits, take a look here on a dark background at the first three images on your main page: http://allthekingshorses.wordpress.com/2011/01/19/spirits/ . The first one had a less than perfect job done of cutting it out from the background. The other two are clean.

    The faint white you are seeing around the image is due to the caption. If you do not use captions, that will go away. Each theme borders and handles captions differently. In some the background put behind the image and caption is even more pronounced.

    To get ride of the background the theme puts in when captions are used, you would have to have the CSS upgrade and some CSS editing experience.


    Thank you! I forgot to feather the edges on that first picture, so it looks a bit choppy.

    I was debating weather I liked having captions or not anyway, so this is good news.

    Thanks again!


    You are welcome.



    I’ve got backgrounds showing up on PNG’s only when I view from Internet Explorer. In Firefox and Safari it’s fine.



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