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    Some of my pngs are showing up fine, others are not displaying their translucent quality. Does anyone know what’s up with that?


    The blog I need help with is


    …by the way, the images I seem to be having trouble with are the ones that are inserted into the text widget included inside some html code I added.


    Follow up: I’m getting help from support now for this issue. I’m not sure if this can be deleted or something…



    It may be helpful to others in the future of you returned and let us know the following:
    (1) your operating system;
    (2) the browser and version of it you used;
    (3) how Staff corrected this problem.


    Okay, sure – I would be glad to help :)



    Thanks :)


    Follow up: Still waiting on solution to the problem. Support emailed me back with a question and I answered it, but haven’t received a solution yet.



    Since we dont’ know the question, we can’t help until you tell us.


    Here’s the question response from Support:

    “Can you tell me a specific example including the png image address in the src? I would like to test it on my blog with your image. Did you try the image widget? Or if you want to stick with a text widget, did you make sure to put a width on the img tag? Can you paste the code here in a reply?”

    I sent her the image and the src and the code I used inside the text widget. The Image Widget will not suit my purposes. Initially, I put the width and height inside the CSS, but after getting this e-mail, I tried putting it inside the src code to see if that helped. It did not. I responded with all this information. Also, just so you guys know, I am working on a Mac Pro using Leopard as my system software. This image issue is showing up in Both Firefox and Safari and possibly other browsers. Something to note is that I am working in Preview mode right now as I have not yet purchased the CSS upgrade for this blog. I appreciate any help I can get. This is an important issue for me. Thanks!


    I forgot to mention in my post above that I did another follow up with support, so hopefully I will here something soon… In the meantime, I would be grateful to get input from the forum as well. I will continue to follow up and let you know what support says on this issue as well.


    There can be no imput from the forum without a link to the blog in question; the one linked to your username has no pngs and no nothing.



    Are you saying there are transparent areas in your PNG images that are no longer transparent once they are placed in your blog?



    Hello folks. Please note what I said above. This user has already gone to Staff. I simply asked here to return to this thread and tell us how they resolve her problem.


    @timethief: user wrote “I would be grateful to get input from the forum as well”.



    YIKES! You’re right :( But how can we help with something we cannot see? Also note that there are forum threads indicating PNG images turn black.

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