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    Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone!

    I have one question about the blavatars. Since it was launched I did successfully use it *.jpg images. However today I tried with *.png (so I could make some parts transparent) but it returns with the old jpg image. I deleted my blavatar and tried uploading the png one, but no way… this time it returns “blank” and when I visit my blog, I see the wordpress “W” again.

    Has anyone experienced the same thing? And could you resolve it?

    My so-called blog is at http://thecountdowntr.wordpress.com/. The favicon you’ll get to see is “jpg”…


    I’m not sure about now, but I know in the past wordpress has not allowed transparency and if I remember one of the reasons is that both IE6 and 7 do not do well with transparency. If they allowed transparency, then people using IE would not be able to see your avatar or blavatar.



    Yes, it allows transparency. I use it in my blavatar.

    What I have found that it takes quite some time for the new blavatar to appear – in my case, several hours. I have not had any trouble replacing the image.



    ok, thanks. I’ll retry and wait for couple of hours this time :)



    It took me two days to see my blavatar! Everyone else seemed to see it much earlier, though.



    in fact it’s almost instant with jpg images with me. but when I upload a png image, the preview is just blank.



    I’ve had the same problem. I can upload all the jpegs I want but pngs, no way.

    I thought I had found a way around the problem by creating two identical images, one png, and the other jpeg. I would first upload the jpeg, and then upload the png. But I really think it’s retaining the original jpeg, and not changing to the png image.

    My experience with transparency has been that any area on the image that’s transparent will show up white. It’s hard to see sometimes, but it’s there. (This is a free, wordpress.COM blog, with no upgrades, CSS, etc.) I finally gave up and created a blavatar that used the whole space.

    Here are my sites:

    So the png images don’t seem to be working for the free wordpress.com blogs without CSS upgrade.



    I’m putting a modlook tag on this thread. Both of the blogs that I have uploaded png favicons on have custom CSS. I’m going to try to upload a png to one of my test blogs and see if you are right. In the meantime, I hope the staff will check out the problem



    Sorry for the duplicate posting. I can confirm that the png does not seem to work on blogs without the CSS upgrade. I tried loading one on my test blog and while it appeared to upload, it does not display the way that it does on my other blogs.


    PNG and transparent PNG uploads should be working now. PNG uploads were not working due to a server issue, which has been fixed now.

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