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    I am starting a podcast for my blog. But their is no way to upload it, anybody have any ideas?



    Which blog?
    You link to your main domain in your name so I’d suggest using that space?



    Thats what I thought of but their is no url for the podcast. Unless I can upload it somewear else an that has a url but I dont know anywear to upload. I thought maybe their was an upload feature that I dident know about here on wordpress.



    Podz, he’s doing domain forwarding to his blog here at Wp.com.

    You should be able to upload it to your Wp.com like it was a graphics file. Just do a link to the file.

    You’re going to run out of space though fairly quickly though as we’re only allowed 25 megs here. You might want to find a file hoster elsewhere and just link to that. There’s a list over at Proboards that you might want to take a look at.

    You may also want to take a look see at how the other blogs here do it.


    Thanks drmike, sorry but how do I add a link to a file : )



    If you’re using the regular post editor:

    – Write your post first. Include the text that you’ll want to use for your link to your podcast.

    – highlight with your mouse the word or words that you want to use for the link. For example if you were to put in a post ‘Listen to my podcast’, I would highlight that.

    – Click the link button along the top of your editor.

    – You’ll get a popup asking for the URL of your link. Put the URL of your podcast in there and then click on ‘OK’.

    Your link will be added to your post.


    dang dont have a url for it. Guess I have to find a place to host it.



    P., I listed a link on my previous post to a listing of free file hosters. One of those will probably work for you.


    Got you Dr Mike!!!! I think that wordpress should add autoblogger as blogger has it and it is a wonderful feature.



    And autoblogger would be?….

    (Google has a half a dozen references all for something different)

    If you’re talking about making automatic posts, this already occurs. Just set a post to a futre date and time when you publish it.


    autoblogger = Lets say you are on the road and want to update your blog but cant since their are no computers around. You can call this number and enter a few codes and you can record you message and it will automicly post in your blog, they can just click on the buttom and listen to what you have to say. Or if you dont feel like typing you can leave a message instead.



    You’d have to check with Podz but I think they’re holding off on stuff like that for the time being.

    Also remember that the basic WP install doesn’t really work with PodCasts. You have to add in a few extra fields using the Custom Fields to get true PodCast capability. We’re tind of faking it here although I note that the other PodCast thread we’vew got here today got iTunes working for himself.


    True, this is bloggers version of autoblog http://www.audioblogger.com/

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