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    I have a radio podcast that i need help posting.

    I can put the program on a post in the blog section of my website (go to “newsletter” if you want to take a look)
    but the rss widget doesn’t activate

    i’m really not that computer literate and i suspect that there’s something i’m not doing on my end with the radio show. i place it in itunes as an mp3, i convert it into a podcast (although i’m not sure if this step is fully realized by me as the podcast never goes live), i copy the file into a post in the blog, i copy the wordpress media file URL into the rss widget… and the widget says that the feed is down

    thanks for any help!

    The blog I need help with is zendounagota.wordpress.com.



    The RSS feed URL for your posts is http://zendounagota.wordpress.com/feed/
    The RSS feed URL for your comments is/comments/feed/
    There are RSS feeds for every category we create as well and this is the format > http://NAME_OF_BLOG.wordpress.com/category/categoryname/feed/

    Please see what Staff (Markel) says in this thread > https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/podcasting-with-itunes?replies=9#post-423192

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