Podcast duration not showing up in podcast app

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    I have finally been able to submit my podcast feed I created using wordpress.com to the iTunes store. The problem I have now is that the “duration” of each episode shows up as “?” rather than the actual duration. When I look it up on iTunes, the “time” field is blank… I guess I need to edit some tag/info somewhere, but I’m not sure what to do!

    The feed can goes through http://feeds.podtrac.com/zD751f7YMZrM ; the original can be found here http://stuffwhatyoutellme.com/category/podcasts/feed/

    The blog I need help with is stuffwhatyoutellme.com.


    Also a related problem:

    On every other app I have tried, the description of each episode is what I have put in the “excerpt” of the post. The only exception is apple’s “podcasts” app, where the entire post gets published. There is quite a lot of writing in each post which I really don’t want to show up in that app, I just want the “excerpt”. Any idea what is going wrong?


    Sorry for multiple messages, this forum doesn’t seem to allow editing. Just to clarify, the latter problem also occurs on “overcast”.

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