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Podcast Epsiode Titles Shown Incorrectly

  1. Dear zandyring. Thank you for helping us out with this issue. However, I do not agree with you on this statement:

    ... so it turns out that this is working as designed... it's pulling the title for images, not incorrectly naming the podcast.

    It looks at the HTML for the post and looks for all the Images and then sets the title based on the tags that appear in the generated HTML giving priority to the title attribute over the alt attribute

    If it pulls the title of an image as the post title, then each episode of the podcast is indeed being incorrectly named. I have a podcast setup form an independently hosted WordPress installation and the feed that it is outputting does not include any of the additional <media:title> tags.

    Please see if it possible to clean up the XML outputted from, or at least include the option to output a "simple" feed without any unnecessary information such as gravatars and images.


  2. Podcasting is not officially supported in WordPress yet. What we do at is probably different from the plugin you're using on

    In our case, we draw from the image title as it is essentially the "cover" image.

    I have, however, noted your suggestions for possible future enhancements.

  3. any news on how to fix this? just started a podcast and it is indeed showing my gravatar name as the episode title, but only once i begin the download in the podcasts app, bit frustrating. any help would be greatly appreciated as there are obviously a few people having this issue


  4. Not yet, we're still looking into this.

  5. Just thought I would post to let everyone know that I too have this problem with podcast episode titles being pulled from IMG tags.

    I have been searching for a solution with no luck since the Podcast app originally came out, and had just about given up all hope, until I found this thread. It's frustrating to see those crazy titles persist and yet be so helpless to do anything about it.

    I would hate to think that the only way to fix this is to switch to another blogging platform. That would be a bummer, because I'm a huge WordPress fan and longtime user.

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