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    The XML feeds are simply too complicated. We need to be able to adjust these. You should have a simple “optimize for podcasts” option in an XML rendering dialog in the dashboard.

    It has been a real pain the neck to get podcasts to work correctly in podcatchers, especially iTunes. Asking us to go through feedburner is ridiculous. RSS stands for REALLY SIMPLE syndication and you guys make it a REAL PAIN. Troubleshooting can take days and days with so many layers of complexity and the fact that iTunes does not let you refresh the feed to the iTunes Marketplace whenever you need to test something.

    PLEASE FIX THIS! I just want to pull my hair out on how complicated it is to simply syndicate a podcast. This is not what they had in mind when they came up with RSS !!

    The blog I need help with is bangwave.org.


    I totally agree with Alexvnet. Podcasting is becoming more and more popular and you should be making it simple and easy for use that use WordPress for blogging and podcasting. I hate to have to move everything at some future date if you refuse to add a easy to use plugin for WordPress.



    It is because of this I have moved from WordPress.com to WordPress.org

    Its still not “simple” but at least there are customized iTunes settings, and plenty of video tutorials showing you how to use the PowerPress plug in.

    I understand why wordpress.com doesn’t allow plugins, what I don’t understand is why wordpress.com doesn’t work with blubrry to integrate powerpress into it. I realize it wouldn’t be “simple” but it would make wordpress.com a premier choice for podcasters who are less tech savvy. (such as myself)


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