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  1. I am using a free account and am giving a try to Podcasts,does this free account support such thing?if so how?

  2. Sure. You just have to point to the adress (static adress) of the mp3 and he will make a podcast compatible rss out of it. Nothing more (afaik...). Podcast with wordpress is realy easy ;-)

  3. Do you just post a link? I have an mp3 hosted on another site, but I want it to be obvious that you can click on an icon on my page and hear (or download) the file, and I want it to show up in iTunes when someone uses that to subscribe to my feed. Just a little help or example would be great. Thanks.


  4. I suggest you to open a free account on and create your own channel with unlimited storage. You can point visitors there everytime you publish a new podcast.

  5. and if i have already an account in ...
    i don't know how make a link to my file (sound)... i mean like youtube (youtube is very easy to link it)
    please let us know if you know how to do it.

  6. The lionk to your file should just be like a normal link one would make to link to a page. Can you point us to a file over at that you're trying to use?

  7. hmmm.. one can no longer upload audio to Odeo (using a free account). This in effect ties the hands of people trying to have embedded podcast. :(

    All the other sites allowed for embeding (youtube, googlevideo etc) all cater to video.

    Please help. Im using switchpod right now. Can the wordpress guys allow embedding via switchpod to accomodate the audio podcasters? Thanks

  8. When did you get your Odeo account? I've had mine for about three months and I uploaded something the day before yesterday.

  9. just last night.

  10. I did hear awhile back that new users couldn't upload any files, but then I heard that the restriction was lifted. Be sure you're going to with no "www" and not just to to upload and build your podcasts.

    There may be a processing time as well; Odeo is, let us say, not lightning-fast at some things. They could well still be putting you into the system. I'd suggest trying again later.

  11. thanks for your help, raincoaster. I appreciate it. :)

    i'll try your suggestion.


    one more thing. is it possible to upload the mp3 from your pc? the way i see it, it seems like the only way to make the podcast is to a) record it in real time with the browser or b) uploading the mp3 somewhere else first.

  12. Not at all. You can certainly upload from your PC; that's what I do. Podcasts shouldn't go out live IMHO, we can all use some editing. The upload process is easy enough, but before you can play the MP3 here, even using their new WordPress audio player, it needs to be put in a podcast, so don't forget that step.

    Hope this works for you.

  13. could you teach me how?

    At the page, i can only see two options - one that allows the live recording and the other one that asks for urls. thanks

  14. When you go to Studio.Odeo and you sign in with your Odeo login, you should have an option that is "Upload audio". That's what I use; you should have "Saved Audio" and Upload Audio and My Podcasts and something else that I can't remember. They also have a help forum, but I've absolutely never in my life found anything useful in there.

    Sorry, I think that's the limit of what I can do for you. Maybe you could email them and ask? Surely they must allow you to upload from a digital file! How do they think online MP3s are created in the first place!

  15. Here's the problem:

    2.9. Why Can't I find Upload in Odeo Studio?

    Upload is not available for everyone; if you don't see the upload link in Odeo Studio it is because:

    1) You have not uploaded to Odeo before.

    In order to best serve our active podcasters, we've disabled uploading for new users (or old users new to uploading) for now. We encourage you to look at some of the alternative services for hosting your podcasts.


    2) Your account was flagged for review for copyright violations.

    If you're not aware: you're not allowed to upload songs or other recorded material created by others. In fact, the record companies get very upset about that sort of thing.

    If you believe we have reached either of these conclusions by mistake, please contact us and let us know. We apologize for the inconvenience.


    I guess that means that we podcast noobs need WP service other than Odeo.

  16. Dayum! Sorry about that; I had heard that they'd thought better of that policy. Not very bright of them if they want to be a home to podcasters, is it? Sorry I don't have other recommendations. Maybe the mentioned earlier might work for you?

  17. Yeah, the "no more new users" issue reared its head right after staff added in support.

  18. any suggestions, drmike?

  19. Last I knew we were allowed to upload mp3 into the space. WHy not just do that and use the audio plugin that's included?

    I gotta admit. I know very little about actual podcasting so specifics are above my head just a wee bit.

  20. wow, the forums look nicer now. hehe

    The clamor for Switchpod is defeaning. hehe

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