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    I’m trying to podcast from my wordpress site. I just set it up to try it. I’m planning on using my own server so I have unlimited space, but what’s the easiest way to set this up? I’ve already purchased my own domain and have it directed to the DNS. Basically, I’ll be doing podcasts for various people, so was hoping to have the domain names different for each like: http://www.domain.com/podcast1; http://www.domain.com/podcast2. Or do a subdomain like http://www.podcast1.domain.com; http://www.podcast2.domain.com. I heard that was something that was coming soon, but wasn’t sure if that had changed yet. Sorry if this sounds really complicated. Any good ideas/best way of going about what I’m trying to accomplish?



    I think on WordPress.com you’ll need a different blog for each one. You can network them, via a text widget in the sidebar or a special category in your blogroll (don’t use “blogroll” as the category; use “domain media” or something instead, and they’ll all be clumped together and set off from the rest of the blogroll).

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