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    We currently host on podbean which has numerous issues that I won’t go into here. We are currently moving to WordPress.com and I am unable to find an answer on one point. If we upload the mp3 to WordPress as a post and then go through feedburner will iTunes take this as a feed for the podcast or do we need to still host elsewhere for the rss feed?
    Thanks for any help in advance.

    The blog I need help with is royalanddoodall.com.



    I’m so sorry but we Volunteers have very little information and knowledge of any podcasting issues and how to address them.



    I have heard of WordPress.com bloggers uploading podcasts which are picked up on iTunes, but I don’t know how it works.



    Royalanddoodall – I run four different podcasts here at wordpress.com. While wordpress.com is not the ideal solution for podcasting… it does work. Three of the four podcasts: http://scandiabiblechurch.org , http://serviceaboveselfradio.org and http://kingstonchamberpodcast.com are hosted here at WP.com with the space upgrade option which allows you to host mp3’s. I want to stress that these three podcasts do not receive heavy traffic. For my other podcast (which is considerably more popular) http://spinalcolumnradio.wordpress.com , the mp3 media files are hosted over at libsyn.com. I do this because I have no doubt that it can handle the traffic demands. You will want to create a feedburner account as the WP.com feed does not give you the ability to add all of the necessary metatags that iTunes needs. Give feedburner your WP.com feed. Then you will give iTunes your newly created feedbuner feed. Once all this is in place, the workflow is… create a post in WP.com…. upload the mp3 to WP.com or other media host…. add the mp3 file link in your post (you can also use the WP.com flash audio player) and you’re done. Once you post, your mp3 file is podcasting to the world. Hope this helps.


    thanks! I had the same question and this is very helpful.


    i wonder if you can set me straight on this. i got a space upgrade, allowing me to upload MP3 files and embed the WP audio player in my posts. But when I send the URL from the blog post through feedburner, i get a warning that the feed is too big, and when i try using the URL of the file itself, like THIS ONE i get a warning that the feed is invalid.
    What am I doing wrong?



    Hi creativearson –

    Looks like you are submitting the mp3 url to feedburner. That’s your problem.

    What you need to do is give feedburner your wordpress.com feed. This would go into the “original feed” box on feedburner’s feed details page. Your feed is:


    My recommendation though would be to create a separate podcast feed. The above feed is an all inclusive feed and includes your blog posts as well as your podcasts — feedburner does not need all of these… nor does iTunes. So, go back to all of your podcasts (looks like there’s just one episode so far) and create a category called “podcast” (or something else of your choosing). Just make sure that you use the category “podcast” with all of your podcast episodes. That will then make your original feed that you submit to feedburner look like this:


    Give this feed to feedbuner. Then feedburner will create a “new” feed address for you. You will then take this “new” feed address and submit it to iTunes and any other podcast directory of your choosing. This will also be the feed that you will want to have the listeners off of your website subscribe to. That can be accomplished by creating an image in your right hand column and having it link to the feed link.

    Hope that helps. :-)



    Thanks so much for all your advice. I finally got around to re-organizing the blog and creating a category called “episodes” for the nine we have so far of the podcast. However, when I inserted

    into Feedburner, it still is giving me a validity warning. Is this because I have accompanying text and jpgs? It’s just not clear what the problem could be.

    I feel like I’m getting closer to solving this riddle that has baffled me for months but still not there yet.



    creativearson –


    Now do this…..

    1) make sure, under feedburner’s “smartcast” section you select the “audio files only” option for the “Create Podcast Enclosures from links to” portion.

    2) then under troubleshootize…… check the validity of both your Original Feed and your Feedburner Feed. What we are looking for here are “Valid” feeds. Don’t worry about the recommendations.

    Let me know.



    This is all quite interesting. I have a more specific question.

    I have recently moved my podcast from Apple Mobile me host to Amazon S3 host. Actually, the Mobile Me host is still running, till end of June. So, right now, there are two versions of the same podcast out – older one on Apple Mobile me and the newer one on Amazon S3.

    The original one was listed in iTunes.
    I submitted the newer one too on iTunes. It got selected. Now both show up on iTunes. I sent an email asking iTunes to close (delete) the original one. No answer yet.

    Meanwhile, I have a WordPress blog, at http://www.tonu.org.

    I wish to link my podcasts from iTunes to it, either within new posts, or preferably showing up on the side, which interested people might click and listen to. As to listening, they could either listen to it within my blog if that is possible, or through iTunes if they have iTunes, or some other way.
    I have not submitted my new Amazon S3 new podcast feed to feed burner or anywhere, except for iTunes.

    The link to my new podcast in iTunes is:

    The feed URL is http://mypodcast.s3.amazonaws.com/Feeds/santiniketanpodcast.xml

    What should I do within my WordPress blog, so readers there could listen to the podcast ?

    Tony Mitra



    Hi Tony – I understand that this can all be very confusing. I am going to recommend that you check out http://learnhowtopodcast.com . Much of what I know about podcasting has come from this website.

    Also…. the advice I’m giving here is specifically for wordpress.com blogs… not self hosted wordpress installations. Check out the learnhowtopodcast website. It should clear up a lot for you.



    I apologize for not clicking the lin detecting tonumitra was referring to a WordPress.org install and needed to post to http://wordpress.org/support/
    Thank you for the catch. :)



    OK thanks everybody.
    Will check that http://learnhowtopodcast.com link


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