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Podcasting and RSS

  1. I've just created a WordPress blog ( I plan to use for podcasts. I've put a couple of mp3 files up as a test but when I subscribe in i-Tunes using the Entries RSS feed on my blog, the mp3 files are not downloaded. I guess I must be doing something wrong. Can anyone tell me what? I've got another blog on Typepad ( where I've also put a podcast and this works fine in i-Tunes using the feed supplied.

  2. You're going to have to forgive me as I do not understand how Wp handles podcasts or how to set them up via RSS feeds. From reading the support forums, I see that all this was done automatically within Wp 1.5. From reading the same forums, it appears to be broken with 2.0/MU.

    Here's a recent thread covering the issue as well as a blogpost about it as well. Both posts offer a solution that, while I don't think will work here, may give you an idea on how to do it manually.

    Sorry that I can't help you more. Maybe someone else can chip in.


  3. Jeffrey,

    For whatever reason, WordPress is not properly encoding your mp3 files. Usually, when you look at an RSS2 feed from a wordpress site (ie. not on it will include an enclosure with information in the feed such as the URL, filesize in bytes, and file type. None of this is being encoded into your feed. I am not sure why. Perhaps does not do this. You could probably use a service like feedburner to solve this, then if it works, submit your feed to iTunes.

    Hope this helps.

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