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Podcasting Cleanup

  1. I'm using wordpress/feedburner for my podcast, and the way I do it is posting the link ( in the post. This works, except for the fact that in itunes, the description shows that link. Is there any way to put the filename in there without having it actually show up? Thanks.

    PS: It's brand new, so I did them all as Download:... to get it working before I go in and correct the descriptions.

  2. Please do a search for itunes. It's been discussed in the past I believe.

  3. I was having a lot of trouble finding it on the forums, that's why I made the post. I'm guessing its just an html tag, but I don't know much about that stuff.

  4. Here's a couple of threads covering the topic. Here's a workaround.

    Hope this helps,

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