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Podcasting on Without Feedburner?

  1. I'm a podcaster using a blog for my podcast site. It is configured in conjunction with Feedburner, as recommended in the official support article on the subject ( and it's been working quite well.

    However, I'm currently in the process of reworking my personal (non-podcast) blog running on a self-hosted WordPress, and while doing research on plugins to use for it, I read that Google has apparently deprecated the Feedburner API and is no longer officially supporting Feedburner. The service is still available, but as we've seen with the demise of Google Reader, nothing lasts forever in Google-land.

    Are there any other possible options for generating a podcast feed on a blog should Feedburner eventually no longer be a viable option? Or is the only alternative going to be to do a self-hosted WordPress with a podcasting plugin?

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