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    Is it possible to use the Podpress plug-in on a wordpress.com blog? (http://www.mightyseek.com/podpress/)

    I’m looking for ways to streamline the posting of podcasts on my new blog (inlandpress.wordpress.com), and this would be a great widget to have available to us wordpress.com users. Thanks,




    Hi. I have found one Icelandic wordpress blog using podpress – so it is possible.
    Take a look at

    Also look at


    Here you can get info about podpress, e.g. the installation of it:


    If you have ever installed a pluggin, then this will be pretty easy.

    Extract the files. podpress directory into
    If your using WordPress 1.5, then you will need to use the replacement wp-rss2.php file that is provided. Look in the podpress/WP1.5_users/ directory
    Login to the Site Admin and go to Plugins and active podPress
    Then it can be configured from the Options menu. The config should be
    pretty straight forward, and it even has a preview of what your podcast
    would look like on iTunes.”

    The problem in my case is that I have never installed a pug-in and don’t
    know how it is done. Where is “wp-content/plugins/” to be found? Do I have
    to download WordPress to my site in order to make it work with sounds/podpress?
    I am interested in using podpress in a blog I am preparing so I have written
    to this Icelandic guy who keeps krukkan.net. I’ll let you know when/if I get
    an answer – but you might know more about blog plug-ins than I do. In that case
    I’d appreciate a word or two about how to do this.

    Greetings from Iceland, Stefan.



    Whilst it will certainly work for a self hosted blog, it’s not possible to use it here at wordpress.com

    We aren’t allowed to install our own plugins unfortunately. :(



    Hello Jeremy,

    I looked at http://inlandpress.wordpress.com, and saw that you have some test podcasts up and running.

    Can you tell me if you did this through podpress, and if so, what procedure you followed.

    Alan Jordan



    Best bet would be to contact Jeremy for the method that he uses. He hasn’t been in these forums for what looks like three months now.

    Either that or do a search for podcast as we’ve discussed this many times in the past.



    Dr. Mike,

    Thanks for the suggestion. Actually, I did a search for the company and called Jeremy. He was not in, but I left a message on his voice mail.

    Since he was not in, I tried to install the system on a server from Darn Good Solutions, http://www.dgs2.net. (They provide a tremendous amount of bandwith, and the cost is $12.95/month.)

    Initially WordPress did not register properly. When I called their Customer Support (good service and 24/7) they said they did not see anything wrong with my installation, but if I uninstalled it, and used a feature in their control panel, I could install it.

    I uninstalled my version, rebooted to clear out any miscellaneous .dll tendrils and reinstalled from the Value Applications of the control panel (26 apps, mostly PHP.)

    Then, I downloaded the newly-installed files into my local Dreamweaver site.

    Finally, I followed the instructions for installing PodPress by placing the files into my local directories, and then uploading them. (See http://www.mightyseek.com/podpress/)

    This sounds like a lot, but in less than ten minutes, I had the entire installation up and running. Simple!

    I still have a lot to learn about using PodPress, and I have yet to get it to run off of http://moam.wordpress.com/, but I’m very encouraged because everything seems to be on track to using it on http://alanjordan.com/wordpress/.



    Please remmeber that the software that powers wp.com is not the same software that powers aj.com. The two versions of WordPress are different and that’s probably why you’re running into issues.

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