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  1. wildhairyhaggis

    Wordshelf is a place for my writings to see more of the world, instead of being stuck in a drawer on my computer.
    They've been sleeping in my laptop getting idle and bored, so I decided to give them some air and put them online where they can stretch their legs. I was never sure about putting my writing online for everyone to see, I suppose you could say I was paranoid that someone would steal it away, but if they’re going to, they’re going to. I decided to be brave and start this blog thing.

    I have had some poems published in magazines and the local paper and written shorts on Typetrigger‘s website, but no luck yet with my short stories, my novel for young adults or my picture book.

    There's not a lot on there yet but you're all welcome to have a look around, and perhaps you could tell me if I have the blog set up right. It's my first ever website/blog, I'm using Manifest as I wanted a total blank page with only the words and no distractions.I think it looks good and it's quick and easy to navigate around.

    Hope to see you there.

    The blog I need help with is

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