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Poetry From The Heart

  1. If u enjoy reading poetry of Love... Lust... and everything in-between.... Check me out! Below is a taste of many things to read ! I hope u enjoy ! Comments are appreciated ....

    Nothing As I Remember

    Ur nothing as I remember
    I am in total awe with u standing here
    So Gorgeous…
    So Innocent…
    So Sophisticated…
    The exact visual I’ve created
    From the sound of ur voice!
    A Photo…
    A Mental picture…
    Can not prepare a person
    For the beauty that u bring to the eye
    Nothing can compare to the unexpected chill
    Having felt ur body..
    Up against mine…
    All from a simple hug…
    I’m stuck!
    Feels like cloud 9…
    U’ve taken me away
    This being One…
    Of many times.
    Can u read me ?
    Is it written in the way that I look at u?
    Or the way that I smile with u in my presence
    Who would have thought…
    We would have this natural connection…
    All day…
    This brief encounter
    Has me at a loss for words.
    Where did u obtain the gift?
    2 have my thoughts of u …
    Follow me to sleep.
    If I could only….
    Take control of my dreams.

    © 2011 Craig Watson

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  2. Please... Poetry is a form of art and as such deserves Proper Grammar.

  3. wordwatchtowers

    Not necessarily...

    A poem by Norman Silver:

    txt commndmnts

    1 u shall luv ur mobil fone with all ur hart

    2 u & ur fone shall neva b apart

    3 u shall nt lust aftr ur neibrs fone nor thiev

    4 u shall b prepard @ all times 2 tXt & 2 recv

    5 u shall use LOL & othr acronyms in conversatns

    6 u shall be zappy with ur ast*r*sks & exc!matns!!

    7 u shall abbrevi8 & rite words like theyr sed

    8 u shall nt speak 2 sum1 face2face if u cn msg em insted

    9 u shall nt shout with capitls XEPT IN DIRE EMERGNCY+

    10 u shall nt consult a ninglish dictnry

    This and another poem by Silver are analysed by grammarian David Crystal on the Oxford Journals website.

  4. I was unaware that there was only one form of art and expression! Thank "you" (u) for pointing that out! And "before" (b4) there was texting... I've always used u instead of you (In my poetry). I don't go overboard with it ! Its amazing how people can dissect a metaphor into a million pieces ... And say this is brilliant... But when it comes to a word that isn't spelled how it's commonly spelled, it's hard to understand and is not considered art! Thank you for your thoughts!

  5. @mooch215 - I like it. I don't go too much for proper form in poetry since, as for myself, I just like to let it be what it is. I'm a fan of Kerouac and he invented words too so go figure. It's all part of the expression. Your expression of your emotion is artful and it comes across. Cheers!

  6. Thank you. Appreciate it ....

  7. I wasn't saying it wasn't art(but I appreciate your sarcasm?). In fact the poem itself, was't bad at all. But when it comes to typos, it always seems to detract from the poem, which is why I appreciate it when someone points them out on mine, so that I may correct it. Either way keep it up, with the writing that is. Always Commendable.

  8. Thank u.

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