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Poetry Writings and my latest work :D

  1. Deadly Butterfly Betrayal

    The website had been remade since June 2010 to feature poetry works of a female gamer as well as her latest production, a semi-graphical novel;Tribute of Sonia. The layout of the website is redesigned using ChaoticSoul theme with a different mixture of colors that suit the old and ancient parchment feel and a big shining butterfly wings on the top center of it.

    My poetry works mostly come with an image that I manipulated using Photoshop CS4 and some brushes and stock images, they are mostly converted to sepia effect (brownish-yellow) to match the colors of the website. Hope you guys enjoy your stay in my website.

    - RiikaInfinityy

    The blog I need help with is

  2. girlsbstfriend

    I too write poetry....check me out

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