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Point blog at a subfolder, not a subdomain

  1. I help with a blog that is hosted at in a subfolder of a larger web site. Now that Blogger's not going to allow ftp posting, our solution for non-techie posting is gone. I'm looking at using wordpress, but we can't install on her basic pair account, because there's no database. I'd like to set up a blog that points at her domain like this:, because as far as I can tell, I don't have the rights to set up a proper subdomain, either.

    Changing the DNS settings for isn't an option, there's a full web site there, already.

    Any ideas?

  2. I don't think that's (sub)domain options work for you, since they don't include subdirectories:

  3. No, that won't work. You can set it up here and use but not

  4. You're familiar with the domain mapping upgrade, I assume? It's a paid upgrade:

  5. I just found out that the basic package at pair does include creation of subdomains, which surprised me a lot, since it has so few features, but she wants to continue hosting at pair, not hosting here and pointing to a subdomain. I'm thinking that she pretty much can't have what she wants unless she learns how to update those html files without blogging software.

  6. I am also interested in the option of mapping to a subdomain... and I'm wondering if I will be able to maintain FTP access to my main domain? I assume yes.

  7. No.

  8. Wait...if the main domain is not hosted at, then the restrictions, including lack of FTP access, do not apply.

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