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    Dear Sirs,
    Yesterday 6 February 2013, I tried to make hopepage through WordPress for my domain studio8.eu. Somhow I failed and deleted all. Then i asked my domain provider (loopia.se) to delete everything that is connected to the domain to start again, which they did. I started again with WordPress but this time I couldn’t have the name studio8.eu, which is mine, and the adress point to a WordPress page. So now I can not connect the new WordPress homepage I did under the name of studio8eu to http://www.studio8.eu. I did contacted my domain provider and they advised me to talk to you to point my domain name back to the new homepage I did
    I would appreciate very much if release studio8.eu or point it back to studio8eu or any other solution that you fined easy to do to retain my domain name.
    Thank you for all the help.
    Best regards
    Pirres Mezoury
    (email redacted)

    The blog I need help with is studio8eu.wordpress.com.



    So, if I understand correctly, you would like the domain that you have bought (www.studio8.eu) to map to the WordPress site you have created at: studio8eu.wordpress.com?

    Have you already tried the instructions here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/domains/map-existing-domain/ ?



    If you want to map studio8.eu. to your blog here, you will need a zone record added for the mapping & name server pointing to work

    I have flagged this for the staff to add a zone record for you



    PS you seem to be asking about two different web sites / blogs

    http://studio8.eu/ – which is a WordPress.ORG install with no content – not hosted here

    http://studio8eu.wordpress.com/ – is a WordPress.COM blog that is hosted here and has content but no domain mapping

    So what are you trying to do? Have your WordPress.COM blog use the domain name studio8.eu?

    Or do you want to move all your content from your WordPress.COM blog to your self hosted WordPress.ORG install?



    Hi Pirres,

    As auxclass says, can you let me know what it is you’d like to do exactly? It’ll be my pleasure to help you with it.

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