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Pointing my domain to ?

  1. I own my own domain, and want to point it too through, I have already done the parked domanin and done a forward to the proper url but do I have to pay 10 dollars to for this to work, in the in my control panel its sayds the click on the feedback link in the upper right hand corner, well theres nothing there.

    If someone could tell me or point me to the proper information I'd appreciate it. cause everything I have done so far is NOT working


  2. thistimethisspace

    Here's a reference
    For clarification I recommend contacting staff
    Also the "feedback" button has simply changed names. It's now called "support".

  3. Mentioning your domain would have been helpful so we can see what is currently occuring and see if you made a mistake somewhere.

    You can create a CNAME for your domain and tell godaddy to forward folks on to your url. You don't pay the $10 for that but it would mean folks would see the url. That's domain forwarding.

    If you want to replace the url with your domain, you then have to do the domain mapping for the ten bucks and tell godaddy to use the nameservers.

    Hope this helps,

    edit: Found your domain: It's currently putting your blog within a frame. This will cause you many problems down the road. The last discussion we had on it was here.

    You also mention that it is not working for you without giving specifcs as to what is not working. (ie seeing the wrong site? broken urls? or what?) You probably need to clear your local dns cache. We just discussed this a few minutes ago here.

  4. Thank you all for your assistance I have worked things out on my end to hosting.

    Thank you once again.


  5. Why i'm i paying for using my own domain on my blog? (CNAME)

  6. You're not. The domain name you own. You're paying for to do the domain mapping for you. Specifically, if you so choose, you're paying for 1 year of domain mapping as you can see at this link
    The next link gives more information

    Also note that volunteers do not debate corporate policy on the forums. Any further clarification you need must come from staff.

  7. Ok what I thought I was going to do did not work, I now have pointing to the proper name servers and have paid and added the domain in the control panel.

    How long does this take to change or take effect ? and is this as my son would say an automated process or something that has to be manually done on WP.Coms side ?

    Thanks for the time and knowledge, heading to bed.


  8. It normally takes a few hours. I believe it should be done by the time you wake up, unless you're insomniac.

  9. thistimethisspace

    It can take 72 hours. You will find this mentioned here

  10. Should be working. Looks good:

    I'm still showing the godaddy temp page though when I view the site but I know they're working on the network at the university I'm sitting at and they may have cached their nameservers again. May want to try the 'ipconfig /flushdns' bit from a command line as well as clearing your browser's file and cookie cache (aka the 'cookie dance') to see if that helps.

    As an aside, looks like staff has expaned the webservers again. Getting 6 'A' records for the domain. Used to be only three.

  11. Looks good on my end :)

  12. I'm actually surprised I can't see it. UNCC is pretty good with their IT with the exception of their browser choices here in the library. (ie Netscape 7.0 on the first floor, 7.1 on the 2nd, 7.2 on the third.) Only once have I had an issue with not being able to clear my DNS cache like this. Maybe I should go to a very early lunch. Worked last time.

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