pointing my domain to wordpress, not linking my blog

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    Hello, Community.
    I would really appreciate your help with an issue. Support for WP is currently down, which is really disappointing, but I’m sure you guys can help me out.

    I have a blog:

    I have a godaddy domain:

    I asked godaddy to point my domain straight to wordpress, paid for the WP points, set the domains on the dashboard, but
    when I go to http://www.blackhumouristpress.com,
    it points towards a WP page that looks strange and is not my blog:

    This is the same page as if you misspelled any blog name:

    Please help me set my domain to point towards the blog!
    I will dance at your wedding!

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is blackhumouristpress.wordpress.com.


    According to whois, your domain is not pointed at wordpress, or it has not been long enough for the change to make it though the internet nameserver system (typically 24-48 hours although it can at times take up to 72).






    @allison, if you are testing your avatar, do it in the sticky thread designed for that at the top of the off topic forum, not in active support forum threads.

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