Pointing my wordpress blog towards my Wix site

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    I made a site with Wix.com and I want to put my wordpress blog onto the site. As of right now, I can’t even get my domain name (registered with wordpress) to “point” towards my wix site. So, the first thing I need is my domain to point towards my wix site. Wix gave me the IP addresses and told me to contact support and ask them to connect my domain to their name servers. The second thing I need help with is getting the wordpress blog onto my wix site.
    1. Connect domain to Wix name servers.
    2. Connect domain to WordPress blog.

    I’m worried that I might have a bigger problem than I think I have here. The sooner I can get help the better, because my site needs to be launched on Monday, October 17.

    Thank you for your time.

    The blog I need help with is handsomegals.com.



    We really need all the URL’s beginning with http with notes on what you would like to do with each one for us to give you accurate help.



    So, I’ve got a little more information that might help with this whole situation I’ve found myself in:

    Wix says I need my domain connected to their name servers. Then I need to either update a Cname or add a Cname.



    Hi auxclass, I’m sorry I don’t really understand by what you mean by all of the URL’s. These are the DNS records, if that helps at all:
    A m.handsomegals.com
    A http://www.handsomegals.com
    A handsomegals.com
    NS handsomegals.com ns1.wix.com
    NS handsomegals.com ns2.wix.com
    SOA handsomegals.com ns1.wix.com support.wix.com 2011101519 10800 3600 604800 3600


    See this support document for pointing your domain at the wix site.

    As far as putting your blog from here on the wix site, I have no clue. About the only way to get it to show there would be to put it into an iframe on the wix site (and since wix is totally flash driven, I don’t know if they even support iframes). As far as completely integrating it into the wix site, that as far as I know is not possible. Wix and WordPress are like comparing tree stumps (not even oranges) to apples.


    Since they are talking CNAME also, you will have to have a look at this as well.


    You could map the blog here as a subdomain to your main domain such as http://blog.handsomegals.com/ .

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