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Polish letters in visual editor

  1. Hi,
    after some time polish letter are not appering in visual editor. Combination of left alt + letter now invokes a function not the needed sign. Alt+l is no longer ł, alt+z isn't ż.

    Is there a way to override new settings and go back to the way editor worked? I just need to turn off keyboard shortcuts. Otherwise I'm unable to write in my language in editor.

    Thanks for help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You are on the wrong forums. Please go to the forums here:

    View the difference between and here:

  3. No, I'm not on the wrong forum. This isn't self hosted blog. Its with custom domain.

  4. The footer on the bottom of your page that says "Proudly powered by WordPress" leads to

    Are you sure your blog is not self-hosted?

  5. Yes, 200%. Check out Its the same thing.

  6. just redirects to your blog, which doesn't mean that it is a site.

    I'm sorry to say that I cannot help you on this topic. My apologies for getting your hopes up. Another Volunteer, mod, or staff will hopefully respond to this.

  7. It is

    [12:25:24][Toread@tipharet:~]>>host has address has address has address has address has address has address

    [12:25:34][Toread@tipharet:~]>>host domain name pointer

    can we please now move to the issue?

  8. Clicking on the tag "polish" in the sidebar of this thread brings me to other threads from users having the same trouble. Please check there.

    @tennisfilmproduction-Also it does sometimes appear that foreign language sites hosted on have the "Proudly Powered by WordPress" in the footer. The best thing is to see if the Admin Bar appears when you are visiting their site.

  9. @justjennifer Thanks. Though don't you find it odd that a link is on a blog?
    Anyways, thanks for the reply.

  10. @@tennisfilmproduction - Yes, it's misleading, but your Admin Bar will never willingly lie to you. :)

  11. lol. Okay then. :)

  12. @tennisfilmproduction
    Will you please chill and attend to your blogging?

    I believe there are two other related threads and falgged them for Staff attention:

  13. ok thanks

  14. Hi again,
    This thread is flagged for Staff attention too and you will have to be patient while waiting for their response.

  15. @tennisfilmproduction & @justjennifer:
    In times of Jetpack I would prefer to check the source code and the generator-meta tag.
    <meta name="generator" content="" />

    Kind regards
    (Moderator German support forums)

  16. Torsten-thanks. Do you have an example where the Admin Bar shows up for visitors on WordPress org sites using Jetpack? Would appreciate a link if you do.

  17. I have no example, but I think this is the future that will come. Matt Mullenweg wants to unify the user experience. has get the admin bar. Jetpack + unified admin bar for all WordPress-Users (.org and .com) is the next step, I think.

    (I thought I had read it somewhere, but I don't find the link/quote anymore...)

    Kind regards

  18. toread - thanks for reporting the issue with Polish characters. The technical change that caused this problem has been reverted back to the way it was previously, so this behavior should no longer be happening. If you're still having any issues, please let us know. Apologies for the inconvenience!

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