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    so, a couple of days ago I was looking for a solution for translating some of the WordPress content that shows up in English on my Polish blog and I have been redirected to contribute to the GlotPress project in my language. I love projects like this and I am more than happy to volunteer, I just see one not-so-small issue.

    There are over 1 400 strings translated as of today but they are all somehow stuck in a queue, waiting to be approved. As far as I understand – please, bear with me, I have only discovered GlotPress yesterday – new translations are only implemented if there is a group of at least 200 validated, warning-free strings. This lead to me wondering, perhaps there no active Polish validators, then? It is not like the phrase I wanted to translate needs to implemented right away, I just got a bit worried about all that volunteer work going to waste.

    Perhaps someone could explain the situation to me or maybe this post will just bring someone’s attention to the matter :-)



    Thanks for getting in touch, Aldonna.

    This lead to me wondering, perhaps there no active Polish validators, then?

    Correct, the current Polish validator seems to be inactive. I reached out to him to get a status update and will let you know once I hear back. We can always try to get another validator (can be more than one), so that the translation project does not stagnate.



    Hey jenia, thanks for taking interest in the issue! Much appreciated :-).



    Hi Aldonna, I added you as a validator for the Polish translation project so you can go ahead and approve your own strings (and other contributors’ strings as you see fit): http://translate.wordpress.com/projects/wpcom/pl/default

    You can review how GlotPress works here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/glotpress/

    Please also refer to the Polish terminology guide for consistency with previous translations:

    It was compiled by the current Polish validator (waclawjacek), who I believe will be reaching out to you directly.

    Thanks for contributing and let me know if you have any more questions!

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