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  1. Hi there, is it possible to add a poll on my post or widget so that my readers are able to vote ?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I been trying to add a poll on my wedget to....

  3. Unfortunately any poll that you're gonna find on the internet will need 1 or more of the following:

    1. MySQL
    2. A Configurable text file
    3. Javascript
    4. Flash/shockwave.

    None of which are available here. Sorry!

  4. Moved to ideas...

    Actually there are poll plugins and widgets available for the normal WordPress. I do hope that these will be included some day in the future. :)

    I would suggest sending in a feedback from your Dashboard as matt and crew have mentioned in passing that this is how they keep track of suggestions.

  5. I added a poll on my site a couple of weeks ago and it was working fine but then I lost all the votes for some reason and it started at 0 again. So I took it down and have been trying to find another good poll. But the others are all javascript. I forgot the name of the one I use to have. I can try to find out for you.

  6. thanks, could you find it?

  7. [yoda]Corrected I stand. In the corner I sit[/yoda]

    Cheers drmike!

    Nosysnoop - if you could find it, that would be great!

  8. I think this is it, on the right:

    But my last poll that I took down had over 200 votes but then went back and started at 0. Maybe it can't handle that many votes. I don't know. Maybe I'll do a poll a week instead.

  9. I've got a couple of polls on my blog. Check the link - I don't remember where I got it from.

  10. Vivianpaige wear would I add the poll at in my widget?

  11. patriosfan - you put the info into a text widget.

  12. how you get it so spread out on yours, mine is all bunched up?

  13. nvm I figured it out

  14. Question for you: who is hosting your forum? The chat?

  15. the forum is hosted by and the chat by

  16. there need to be more plugin OPTIONS. Hide them from normal users until oh say the blog has been live AND active for more than two months.

  17. This is a support forum but I sense your not really looking for support as much as you are for a place to exchange ideas, make requests, and to chat. Perhaps you might consider going off the forum for an hour or two and devoting your time to a couple of important tasks like (1) blogging (2) composing a succint summary of your request/advice/demands/ideas, etc. and then sending directly through feedback, rather than on the forum. Just a suggestion - hope it helps.

  18. I personally don't recommend as they're using a very out of date version of Invision. (When it was offered as free. Now you have to buy it.) It's up to you though.

    Another one you can use is Proboards.

  19. @timethief: whoa.. look whose calling the kettle black


  20. bettersearch - you look like one of two things:

    - a forum spammer
    - someone out just to criticise negatively.

  21. Dr mike, invision free is still free, and they just updated their programe about a month ago.

  22. Invisionfree is and invision version 1.3 is. That's what their base code is. (Note the footer of any one of their forums.) Invision is currently up around version 2.1

  23. I just like invision free cause you can create a skin and customise very easy.

  24. Yes, you can create free polls through All you need to do is to paste their General HTML code to your sidebar widget...check out my works perfectly..

  25. I've taken down the polls on my site for now. Just in case anybody goes looking :)

  26. I also have taken the poll down for a while. Though it works perfectly, it makes the site looks gross.
    Now my site is clean and soothing without the poll.

  27. How about having a poll inbedded in the site through an iframe (is it allowed)?'s polls do not require any further code.


  28. @mouronaco
    iframes are not allowed and that can be determined by typing iframes into the search box on the forum

    I typed that in and this is what i got

    Iframes are removed for security concerns. A quick search shows many threads about it.

    Hope this helps,
    Posted: 2006-08-01 19:17:04 #

  29. I feared so, but I remember translating some string (actually I passed that one :) ) where iframes were mentioned and must of got confused.
    thanks anyway.

  30. I, for one, would like to see Polls as an option here. (Although I would also like to see forums are well to be honest.) You can suggest it via Feedback or in the paid options thread on the blog.

    Hope this helps,

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