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Poll & Live Shoutbox :)

  1. Let something make ?
    Be possibility that this install in theme ?

  2. I am so for this. Along with full HTML customization!!! I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH HOW AWESOME THAT WOULD BE!!!

  3. But we already got the meebo widget.. though it seems to have a mind of its own..

  4. meebo is more like msn messenger on your blog. shoutbox acts more like a casual guestbook, and unlike meebo it saves the messages made in shoutbox for others to read it as well, which i like, because blog owners and blog readers can't all be communicating directly via meebo, it's only through chance you get to see the blog owner online. i would love it if meebo could save offline messages, like icq, so when the blogger's online he/she gets messages anytime.

  5. Meebo is a webbased IM manager. :)

    Really wish they would work in ignore features as I'm getting hit hard. *sigh*

    I am so for this. Along with full HTML customization!!! I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH HOW AWESOME THAT WOULD BE!!!

    Been covered many times in the past already as why this leads to security risks. But of course if you want your blog to be hacked and it sounds like you do...

  6. go..go..go..

    shoutbox in wordpress

  7. I gather you didn't read the thread that you posted in? *sigh*

  8. xD
    ok guys, a shoutbox WOULD be really wicked. but...the risk is just a little much. full html customization? o.x;;;

    i'm with most of you guys in wanting flash, embeding, CSS, and all the other stuff to be available...but you know...too many doors open up to be exploited. ^^ think myspace. lol

    oh, but if there WAS someway to get a shoutbox widget...this would rock many times over. :D

  9. I'm sure there is a way to keep things under control. I mean no html is very limiting. I've used for about three months now and the "widgets" are much friendlier and easier to use. Also my site has not been hacked as far as I know. Not that there is anything to hack. Surly shoutboxes and such wouldn't open the floodgates to pandemonium and complete anarchy!!! That meebo widget is not what I'm looking for!

  10. Blogspot has been hacked many, many times.

    The issue at is that we're on a shared blogging platform. This means that the guts of your blog are shared with everyone else. This means that a vulnerability introduced maliciously or mistakenly by any of the 800,000 members suddenly effects ALL of us. That's why we have so many restrictions on what we can place in our blogs. If you want to have a blog hosted elsewhere and introduce something and blow it up, it doesn't matter to anyone but you and the people who've viewed your blog and picked something up. Here it's a different story. We would ALL exposed to the risks that ANY of us would take, and that would not be a good situation at all.

  11. Also my site has not been hacked as far as I know.

    And you have those security measures to thank for that. Can blogger and myspace say the same for the last year or so I've been here? Nope.

  12. shoutbox in wordpress please

  13. Hello,
    All new features must be requested by sending your request to staff including the reasons for making the request

  14. I was wondering about a shoutbox too. I found this one that is also compatible with WordPress. ( It seems harmless to me...

  15. It uses iframes.

    I can almost guarantee it won't work. But I'm trying it on my private blog.

  16. Nope.

    Doesn't work.

    I have no idea why/how they have in one of their screenshots. This will work on a self hosted blog. But not on

    Try it yourself. And if you don't feel like trying it, post back and I'll give a link to a screen shot.

  17. meboo is't live chat likes shoutbox what i need. give access shoutbox for

  18. Then you must convey your wish to staff using the support button on the top right hand corner of any admin side blog page during support hours. Support hours are Mondays - Fridays 8AM - 4 PM Pacific time.

  19. don't like meebo...

  20. Oh well. Sometimes life's like that.

  21. coggz - that is a plugin. We do not use plugins at

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