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Poll daddy help

  1. I'm using a poll on my shapeuc site and while it shows on the page of all the posts ( it doesn't show on the archive page Is there any way to make it appear in full on both pages?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Only if you switch to a theme in which category pages display posts as on the main page - see here:

  3. Is there really no way round this? If I switch to a different theme then I seem to have to set up all my widgets, header size etc again and that takes time which I don't have. Any thoughts would be really appreciated.


  4. Can excerpts be used?

  5. You're welcome, but "only" means "only"! There would be a way around this if you were talking about images, but it doesn't apply to objects inserted via shortcodes - see note 3 in the post I linked to.
    The only thing you can do is insert a note in the Excerpt box of the post editor to inform viewers that this post includes a poll, maybe also add the link to the original Polldaddy page with your poll.

  6. Thanks. So many pitfalls picking a theme. So hard to know what you need it to do before you pick the theme and then you find it can't do everything.

    if I change themes is here a way to take all the widgets through as well or is it necessary to reenter those?

  7. More precisely, the widgets may move to Inactive: if you change from a theme to a similarly designed one, the widgets stay in place.

    But it's always safer to keep a back-up of the content of text widgets in particular, just in case (although these too can be retrieved if you lose them).

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