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Poll Daddy Mishap! HELP!

  1. I had made many polls and surveys on my Poll Daddy account, the one that was connected to my account. I just signed in and it says I haven't created anything yet. But the polls are still on my blog. How do I fix this? I don't want to lose all of the things I had previously created!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Signed in where? Your Polldaddy ID that existed previously is still in existence; it's just not the ID that you see when you access Polldaddy through

  3. Well, I've always signed in from the Poll Daddy website. I used to have an account that wasn't connected to WordPress, but then I hooked it up so that it was the same one. It was working as a connected account, with all my material, until now. There is only one account.

  4. I have a similar problem. How do you figure out the other Poll Daddy ID? I'm missing backend access to some polls and would like to close them.

  5. dearauthor: After creating this forum, I also submitted a help request form on the Polldaddy website from my WordPress account. They emailed me back today with a bunch of solutions and all is to be fixed. I suggest doing the same! I hope this helps.

  6. I'm new to this. I created a survey, they had directed me to polldaddy, all is fine but how do I get it over to my site. When I sign in it shows no surveys but I had it yesterday.
    Any help appreciated.

  7. sydwaters: what I would suggest is opening a new post. Then, when you are ready to put in your survey, go to the little swirly circle symbol next to the add media button. There, I'm pretty sure you can find what you've made. If not, my next suggestion would be to go to the Poll daddy website and find the survey you want to embed. Then click Share/Send and find the embed code for WordPress blogs/sites. If neither of these works, make sure that the two accounts are connected, which they probably are. If you would like better help, I would suggest submitting a help request form on the Poll daddy site.

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