Poll Daddy overlaps on my sidebar

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    please look at this post as an example: http://mammamiascusa.wordpress.com/page/3/

    is this something I can fix?

    thanks, mariana

    The blog I need help with is mammamiascusa.wordpress.com.



    Poll daddy is not well designed. Best to remove it.


    @dearmariana, I don’t see a polldaddy poll in your blog anywhere. You can choose what size you want to use when you create the poll. Small is typically best for a sidebar.



    @thesacredpath, Have you ever put a polldaddy poll in your sidebar? I checked your site and couldn’t find one – in the sidebar or anywhere. Do you know of any site that uses the polldaddy poll in their sidebar. I’ve tried it six ways against the middle and the best I can get is a super elongated poll. The title and first question are at the top, then a long vertical space before the rest of the poll. This happens when I put the javascript into the Widget textbox. When I put the shortened code [polldaddy poll="228407"] in the Widget textbox, it simply renders it as text. Polldaddy’s embed code works, but strips all the styling and is totally bland.

    Any suggestions? And again, if you know of any sites that have a polldaddy poll in their sidebar could you post a link?


    I don’t “do” polls on my main self-hosted blog. I just put one up on my blog here at http://opposablethumbz.wordpress.com/ .

    At wordpress.COM, you have to use the shortcode, you cannot use the javascript.

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