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    I tried to add a poll to my post today, got it all set up and added it, but it is not showing up on my blog at all. I’ve checked to make sure that my Polldaddy account is fine, it is, and that my theme (thirteen) will do it, which I can’t find.

    Am I missing something? Does my theme not allow polls and just doesn’t make that clear? My dashboard seems to think I can do it but each time I try to put it in my post nothing happens.


    The blog I need help with is bakingblindfolded.wordpress.com.



    I had this problem too so would be interested in the response that you get to your question.

    I tried changing themes and playing around with a few settings but still couldn’t get it to work.


    Does anyone have any idea why I can’t get this dang poll
    on my blog? Could it be my theme doesn’t support it?



    Inserting a poll isn’t theme dependent. How exactly did you try to insert the poll?


    bakingblindfolded / beckyvoss: Is the post published (in which you’re trying to add the poll)?

    What steps are you taking to create and insert a poll?

    In your Dashboard, did you go to the Polls tab?

    (If you haven’t yet, please see the Polls support page.)


    yes, my post is published and no matter what I did it
    won’t show up. I went to the Polls tab, I made it open, and then
    within the past I added the poll to the post itself.

    I tried previewing it, nothing. I published the post, nothing.
    I tried editing the post and inserting it again, nothing.

    Am I doing something wrong?


    Oh wow…I tried that site (which I couldn’t find before) and it

    It was the “send it to editor” part that did it. Once the code
    appeared on the post I was able to publish it and it showed up.

    Thanks so much!!!


    Yay! :)

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