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Poll Result in Title Line

  1. I'm hoping to create a blog that would help a group of people rate some suggestions. My thought was to make each suggestion a separate post, with each one containing a poll, allowing readers to rate the importance of that idea.

    The blog home page would display only the titles of the posts, so you'd see many topics at once.

    What I want to do is show the poll result in the summary or title line. The idea is that you'd see many topics at a glance, each with its poll rating. If you were interested in that item, you'd click on it and see any discussion on that subject.

    Is there any way to do that with WordPress? (I've got a polldaddy account.)

    Thanks very much to anybody who can suggest a solution.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no way to AUTOMATE that. You'd have to update the title all the time by hand, as the votes changed.

  3. Okay, thanks.

    No way with a regular wordpress blog (not either?


  4. You'd have to ask at about that.

  5. Okay. Thanks for your help.

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