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    My poll on certain browsers (sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t) stretches out my whole sidebar which longates the length of my blog…really annoying. Support said they checked the problem and fixed it but nothing new has happened. Does this happen to anyone else? I think I should jsut remove the poll altogether at this point :\

    The blog I need help with is japancinema.net.



    Try using a poll widget with less width! May be that will help.


    It’s a problem with some themes. Contact Support again, or switch to another theme, or put the poll in a post (perhaps a sticky one) instead of the sidebar.


    Yeah it happens to me too.
    Using a poll widget with less width doesn’t help.

    Are you sure it’s a problem with themes? Because I’ve never changed my theme, and I had a poll on my sidebar before and it worked fine, until I edited the answers for the poll, and then everything got messed up.

    Easiest way to fix this is to put it in a page or a separate post, which is what I did.


    @ilovesugarc00kies: There were other complaints about this before this thread; checked it in my tests blog, got the same problem in the particular couple of themes but no problem in other themes. One of the threads was this:




    You can see the poll is ok now, so apparently staff fixed it. Please try it again yourself and let us know.

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