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Poll: Will you pay to remove advertising from your blog?

  1. has been running Google adsense and text ads on our blogs for one and a half years now. The future plan for allowing bloggers to have their own advertising on their blogs or, for allowing them to remove the ads through the purchases of upgrade options is found at the very end of the features page under Advertising

    If you want to vote in the poll then here's the link: Will you pay to have advertising removed from your blog?

  2. Voted...

  3. YAY! Good on you!

  4. lol TT...

  5. I'm watching my Top Posts and this one is at the top. However, most people are not voting and I wonder why that is.

  6. Because you have to invent YET ANOTHER login and give your details to yet another site. I hate that. If you're going to send people off your site to begin with, why not use Quizilla or something that doesn't require a login?

    My vote would have been "maybe" as it's price-sensitive.

  7. I voted maybe, ie: if the price was right. Thanks for reminding me about this. I've been meaning to put a notice in my sidebar that says something along the lines of:

    If you see Google Adsense or other advertisements on this blog, please remember: I don't receive a nickel from them. The money goes to I've got enough change for bubblegum anyway.

  8. I voted. I didn't have to log in again to do so ?!? It seems weird to pay to *not* have ads, but, like others here, it depends on how much.

  9. I have yet to vote in the poll but it doesn't bother me that runs ads on my blog in order to generate income. In exchange, I get to use their free blogging service.

    I guess it will depend on how big of an annoyance factor those ads will be, ie how many and where they are placed. Somehow, though, I don't see becoming Geocities or, g*d forbid, Angelfire.

    So, place me in the "wait and see" category.

  10. I voted 'No!' If WP has to have adverts on them to keep it 'free' - then so be it. Use firefox with adblock add-on - that will get rid of most ad's all across the 'net.

  11. @justjennifer

    I guess it will depend on how big of an annoyance factor those ads will be, ie how many and where they are placed. Somehow, though, I don't see becoming Geocities or, g*d forbid, Angelfire.

    From your wording above it sounds like you think advertising is on the way rather than here and firmly ensconced.Both wank and carocat can show you screenshots of what the advertising looks like. The number of ads and their placement took my breath away and that's why I moved my domain right off

  12. @letters
    The most ridiculous think I see on blogs is the owl image logo with the "no ad blog" in sidebars. Even when you tell bloggers who have the images that this is nonsense ie. that there most certainly is advertising on their blogs they still keep it in their sidebar. The have ad-blockers so ads don't exist. Go figure. I too have an adblocker but I'm not delusional.

  13. @museditions
    When we first became aware of the advertising I was willing to pay for an option to opt my blog out. However, the passage of time and other nonsense changed my mind. I bailed out so I have no stake in the outcome of the poll.

  14. @willrhodes
    Thanks for wading in. I think many people also hold the same point of view. Over the long term I can foresee and internet with blogs plastered with advertising that readers cannot even see. Thanks GOB for adblocking.

  15. I voted "no" mainly because it was the whole freeware/no ads thing that got me here in the first place. But I have often looked at my blog from other locations and have never seen ads.

  16. Ads are most difinitely there.

    Just not when you're logged in and only if you search for the blog.

    I find the amount of ads on that post shocking, but I'd rather have those than having to pay for it. Up until very recently I was very much prepared to pay for an upgrade to remove ads, however after having paid $20/year for domain mapping and CSS upgrade I'm not too sure any more.

    And I have this nagging feeling that I'm not too sure whether I actually trust Automattic to fully remove them. After all the above screenshots show more than are meant to be. It's not tasteful as the ads were described by Matt I believe somewhere. There wasn't really that much information regarding the ads when they went up and what proof do I have they are actually removed bar googling myself a few times a day?

  17. @tt-no, I didn't realize that ads of that breadth and scope were already here. My bad.

    If I understand correctly from what cat is saying, the only time we'll see these ads is when we're not logged in to COM and then search for the blog? (From what search engine?)

  18. After logging out of, I cleared cache and cookies out of FF, disconnected in order to get a new IP when logging back on to the Net, did a google search for any blog on the domain, and so after browsing about 15 blogs, I've seen zip, nada. I do not have any adblocking extensions in FF.

    Tell me what I need to do differently in order to see the ads.

  19. justjennifer: if i'm not wrong, only some blogs have ads. did you check and see if you could see carocat's ads?

  20. Well, I took that screenshot on my blog using IE [I never use IE, so the cache was cleared, I definitely wasn't signed in] and I searched for "Halo 2 carocat" in Google.

    And yes, as far as I'm aware you can't be signed in.

  21. @sulz-I did look at cat's site, no ads that time. Following cat's comment, I switched to IE7 (not signed in) and did a search on Google with the search term cat mentioned and this time on the single post that the search returned there were AdSense ads at the top and bottom of that single entry. However, when I clicked on the blog title to go to cat's homepage, there were no ads anywhere to be seen. Also, the second time I visited that single post, the ads were gone.

    With so many blogs and page views on, one has to wonder the percentage of blogs that appear with ads at any one time.

  22. I voted and I'm another maybe. I think it's strange to have to pay to remove them, but like others it would depend on the price.

  23. @justjennifer: apparently they don't serve ads to Firefox users. All part of Matt's Firefox evangelism, presumably.

    I don't believe anything Automattic say about ads anymore, and certainly not that they are 'tastefully displayed'. How would they know? They don't even check them. I just take it for granted that my blog looks hideous to any non-Firefoxers coming in from Google. Fortunately, the audience I'm writing for is relatively techy so it's not a major issue.

    I wouldn't give them money to remove the ads, no. Firstly, I'm with carocat: I don't trust them to follow through. How do I know they're not going to get bought out by Yahoo, replace the Google ads with Yahoo ones, and tell me my upgrade only bought me freedom from Adsense? Secondly, after the way they ripped me off over custom CSS, I would need my head tested to give them any money ever again.

  24. Regarding tastefulness here's a screenshot of ads on wank's blog

  25. @wank-yes, I get it that FF users are exempt from seeing the ads on blogs and just another reason to use it. But even after surfing in IE I still have to say that the noise-to-signal ratio doesn't seem high enough for me to get my knickers in a bind. So it goes.

    @tt-the ad placement in that photo is exactly as I saw earlier on cat's blog when I surfed it following my Google search on cat's search term. One ad at the beginning of the blog entry and one at the bottom above the comments. And only once, then the ads were gone.

    It could be much, much worse. If necessary I will provide visuals after I wake up tomorrow morning, which is now only 5 hours away. g'night

  26. justjennifer: 5 hours of sleep only? you're good. =P

    i tried checking my blog for ads in myie2 and ie but nothing. could this be due to the css upgrade i have?

  27. I don't know if having the css upgrade means that one's blog escapes having these ads on it or not. Likewise, I have not heard if purchasing a domain and domain mapping means one's blog escapes having these ads on it or not.

  28. Well, my screenshot is from a blog that has both the CSS upgrade and domain mapping, so I guess that answers that question. :)

  29. oh yeah... maybe my blog doesn't get enough hits to put ads, haha...

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