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Polldaddy issues

  1. i created a poll yesterday and there is no way I can get it to show.

  2. Not poll here. :)

  3. silverssimstuff

    I just tried out the new poll feature today. My poll is just showing up as a link :S

  4. Does you guys' poll show up on the widget bar? I tried to do it; and it failed. Is this the problem is fixing? Thanks.

  5. I just tried to do one and nada.

  6. doesn't work for me either

  7. Nothing that looks like poll appear.
    A little help here pleaseee

  8. Hi I thought it was me not knowing how to post a poll onto my blog - and that might still be the case as my poll was done a week ago.
    However, if it is not me - can I say I feel for the first time like I am not the one who made the mistake. Will you let us know when it is fixed or will the poll magically appear?

  9. I did my first poll. It worked great! Thanks for adding that feature.

  10. I went directly to and opened a new account with them. Then I remade my poll. The embedding worked fine that way. The problem must just be when you attempt to make the poll from your dashboard. If you want a poll in your post NOW and you don't want to wait for this problem to be fixed, you can just do what I did. :)

  11. The problem also exists for new polls made or old polls edited within existing PollDaddy accounts (I'm talking about polls built within PollDaddy, not WordPress). They not only won't show in WordPress, they won't preview in PollDaddy.

    My old poll (built from within WordPress) still works, but new ones don't.

  12. I just made a bunch of polls at PollDaddy and they're working great.

    BTW, I like going to PollDaddy to make the polls because I can set end dates for them.


  14. an FYI to pile on a little higher ...tried to import in my polldaddy account and the two input fields disappear so that it is not possible to begin using polldaddy - TIA Dale

  15. Is there any way to insert a poll beside the text? I have a post in list form and it would be good to locate the poll beside it but it either appears at the start or end of the post. Too much whitespace this way. Any ideas?

  16. created a poll But want to know how much time it will take to show on screen. And want to know that The poll i hv created will show on the front page or ny other page.

  17. Is there a way to find out what our PollDaddy WP-created account name is? I let WP auto-create my PollDaddy account, and while I'm not necessarily saying I want to reset it, I'd love to be able to visit PollDaddy and look at my info. PollDaddy has no idea who I am though as best as I can tell. And as I understand it, if I go and create my own personal PollDaddy account, there not a way to override's PollDaddy name for me. Meaning, from here on out, if I hit the "Poll" button in the visual editor, I'll always get the WP-created account, not any other one I could create on PollDaddy itself. I think I might have goofed. Also, while the poll has stayed in my blog just fine, I can't always see it in my list of polls or the editor - it disappears. Thanks.

  18. conversationaltone

    I have one poll that came up and one that I posted later did not come up (invisible)was I supposed to officially set up an account on Thanks.
    Mary Caliendo

  19. thepomegranateblog

    Yes have the polls been fixed? I've created one but when I press "Apply" it doesn't do anything...

  20. No, not yet. I tried to add one to my blog today. I don't get an option to see the code to paste (unless I'm missing something). Should I just go to polldaddy directly? If so, will my WordPress account username/password work?

  21. my poll is fine in OPERA

    Its that bleeping IE [Iternet Explorer browser]
    that has so many glitches it makes my ears steam
    i created a 17 option poll which in IE only shows 3 of them
    i guess i should count my blessing that there are 3!!
    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr + a fat raspberry to Microsoft on this one
    all glitches with my blog have been IE related
    bless bill whos bank balance is larger than many a countries GDP

    i would remove the post but i need it for WP support to see it

    the polls do slow the up/down? load time don't they?

  22. WOW cyrillic crash in all the polls?!?!?! I just open a old post with a poll in it, and surprise... Cyrillic symbols are not working correctly:

    I am kind of sick of wordpress not having a proper support for non Latin simbols!

  23. I have 8 polls for my Lithuanian Website Awards. About 200 peoples are voting, but I can't see a rezults, also and polls. HELP.

  24. My polls used to work, but don't anymore. It says" Error poll could not be created. i did everything right, except i cant get polls. Please help.

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