Polldaddy polls needs work

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    I’ve been experimenting with this feature for a couple of days and have found it seriously lacking in two respects:

    1. You can’t tell what the poll will look like until it’s been published. After that point, you must delete it and start over to make changes.
    2. I had to get help from 1tess and Panos to manage a work around for my test page because standard centering codes didn’t work with my theme.


    The blog I need help with is iwanticewater.wordpress.com.


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    Here is the link to the thread that you are referring to:
    Also, it’s good that it all worked out for you.
    You might alert staff to that thread by contacting support. That the code works differently in different themes is odd.


    Number 1 is not correct: you click Edit and make whatever changes you want; no need to delete the poll. Number 2 is a theme issue, not a poll issue.


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    Much more clearly stated. Some one of us should point it out to support.



    I did edit my poll but it didn’t look any different on my page – even after clearing my cache. The changes that now appear in the first poll came only after I deleted it and made another one.

    Frankly, I’ll always be hesitant to contact support because I assume that my lack of experience is just causing me to miss something. How do I know? Is this the proper link to send a query to staff?: http://support.wordpress.com/contact/


    (Won’t be me!)


    The above is a reply to Tess’ post, of course.

    @izaakmak: You just had to wait. Changes take several minutes to show up.



    On Panos to 1tess: I’ve just looked at the support contact page. I think I see what you mean!

    On Panos to me: I thought I did give it enough time but even with HS cable, this old hunk-o-junk might take a little more than most. Even now as I type, the delay before it shows on-screen is getting long enough to where I’m going to have to re-boot soon. 8-0


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    Sorry, I don’t know what you mean about the support contact page. Can you clarify?
    Also, I don’t know where you are, but it’s really easy to find free or cheap upgrades of computers. I’d guess you have tried, though…
    @ Panos,
    Why not? Am I being thick-headed or dumb?



    I was just attempting to chime in on what I assumed was a joke about the support contact form.

    I wish I knew where to get free PC upgrades! “Cheap” I can find, but what’s cheap to others has so far turned out to be too much for me.


    @tess: I know what izaakmak means, and I agree. For some complaints or suggestions, the “I did – I saw – I expected” straightjacket isn’t suitable.

    But I wasn’t joking: I was just letting you know. (You’re not thick-headed or dumb, I’m capricious.)


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    Hmm. I was not joking at all. About the support notification.

    The “I did – I saw – I expected” straightjacket isn’t suitable.” Well, yes. Of course. But When I first started blogging they did not have that (I think), and it came later. Sort of like the SamB auto-response. It’s clumsy.

    I’ve used it only a handful of times—it’s like filling out any form. You answer the questions. but then, here, at least, they give you space to add significant info. I have received personal responses from staff and things (typos, misleading stuff in the faq/support docs) have been fixed.

    My naivete.

    and I’m not joking now, either! ≥^,^≤



    Polls positioning breaks in Firefox 3.0.11 browser and Safari versions prior to 4.0.1. My seven answer question ends with “Other”, the input box of which is between questions 4 and 5.

    Should I send link? Screenshot?


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