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    Every time I go to my blog, or someone else’s, I get a popup from PollDaddy, with the top posts and a suggestion to make my own poll. How can I disable this?

    The blog I need help with is teknophilia.wordpress.com.



    What’s probably happened is that you’ve mouseovered the Polldaddy rating system that appears on some blogs, specifically that little blue dot with the “i” inside which triggers the popup. I don’t think you can disable it (unlike the mShots).



    I get the same thing, whereas befor, you had to actually ‘click’ it when the feature was first introduced.

    Now it appears by a simple inadvertent roll-over, and will not go away unless you click ‘exactly’ on the red X in the top right corner of the popup.

    Surely this could be made as a non-rollover action as it was before, as navigating ones pages is a pain at the moment with almost every post having this popup ocure. When you have several posts on your front page, that can be a right pain.

    Support, is there anyway this can be rectified back to what it was originally when introduced please.



    I’ll definitely add my voice to this one – any popup on a site is unpleasant, and when it is my site generating them (no thanks to the PollDaddy mouse-over activated button), then it is embarrassing – people don’t realise that I can’t control it, and I don’t enjoy feeling like apologising for something beyond my control.

    It took me a while to even find out what was generating the popup – a non-click, rollover generated event such as this is like spam advertising.

    I dislike mShots for similar reasons – they are all unnecessary distractions from the primary site.



    Initially it was not activated unless you ‘clicked’ it, now it’s as you say, a non-interactive rollover, and one that does not simply disappear once the mouse of off the popup.

    It stays there, and you have to be very precise about the click on the red X to get it to collapes.

    I have 7 main articles on my landing page and when someone wants to give it a star, or rolls over it, the popup appears, which happens every time they move down the page to view more articles.

    I’ve had a few ask me to disable it, so it would be great if we could please.

    ANother item is the fact that if you have several websites on WP, navigating to the stats, manage comments etc can be a real task now that there are so many drop-down menues up the top.

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to have those items that are immediate, ie needed for the management of the site/s in the first drop-down? Just a thought, and also add access to “Pendings” alongside “Drafts” New Post etc etc, that would cut down further navigation . . .



    Hey guys, is there any chance this issue could be resolved, as for those of us that use our sites daily, and are constantly navigating across the pages, these things are becoming a right pain.

    I only have to glance over or near the blue ! mark, and bingo, up comes the polldaddy info box, and will often stop the page from reloading, ‘if’ I had of been aiming for the refresh button on my browser, and run over the poll daddy icon.

    It would be ‘great’ to have the ability to switch this off like the other Snap popup function please.

    The item is great, but it should operate from a ‘click’ rather than an auto-rollover, and it should disappear once the cursor is off the popup.

    Any help on this would be really welcomed.


    I’m concerned about the popup too, it’s pretty annoying though it’d be a wonderful feature with the right attribute (=onclick)!


    Give all the popups and such used on sites today (WP is virtually clean of them) I’ve simply developed the habit of keeping my cursor outside the bounds of the site content and then use the scroll button. I virtually never keep my cursor in the content area.



    Apart from an occasional check to ensure my blog’s still there and working, I spend so little time on on it (I wrote it, I know what it says, why do I need to constantly visit it?) it’s barely an issue.

    And as tsp says, it’s hardly an insurmountable problem.



    I’m with TSP and Ron on this. It’s not a issue for me.





    I can see how it can be avoided for those used to this sort of thing, and like TSP it may not affect me personally for the amount of time I spend on my own blog, but I am certainly not in favour if it on behalf of my readers, and their user experience.

    Like the other popup features of WP, could it at least be made optional so individual blog authors can make their own choice?



    Guess not. :(


    Contact staff directly and voice your opinion. That is the only way to make sure you are heard.




    Thanks TSP. I don’t disagree with the concept of the popup – some may love it, but I’d prefer it optional obviously. Will use the link – thanks for that!



    Went to lodge a job, and found a link to this page, where the instructions to turn the popups can be found!!


    Unfortunately it doesn’t fully stop the mouse-over popup when you pass over the i but it is a lot better than it was.

    I still lodged a job about the minor popup that is still happening, but others might still like to use the advanced settings to stop the large annoying ones!

    Thanks TSP – wouldn’t have found it if I hadn’t taken your advice about contacting support.


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