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Polldaddy, Top Rated and the "Like" buttons

  1. With the inclusion of the "like" buttons, are any "likes" on our blog posts included in the results shown in the Top Rated widget or is this an entirely independent system from the Polldaddy one?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have asked for you and will let you know.

  3. Hi Mark, nice to see you and thanks for asking. I'll be curious to know the answer.

  4. So in the absence of an answer so far, I'll assume that at present the two systems, "Polldaddy ratings" and "Likes", are entirely separate ranking systems.

    What this means is that the Top Rated widget only reflects votes in the Polldaddy ranking system and any "Likes" are not counted. Therefore I've disabled it where I had it enabled.

    (This refers to the "Like" button which can be turned off, not the one in the Admin bar.)

  5. Overlooked making the suggestion that the 2 systems should, of course, both feed into the Top Rated widget.

    (blame it on the heatwave and pardon me while I go hibernate until October.)

  6. Stay tuned on this one, something is on it's way...

  7. Something wicked? "-)

    Seriously though, I hope not competing widgets. Have to think holistically here.

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