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  1. I'd love to be able to add polls to posts. The idea would be to allow readers to rate individual posts, say, on a scale from one to five, and then to display the average rating next to the post.

    A poll as a widget in a sidebar would be helpful, too, but not as useful to me as the above.


  2. Good idea splicehere! Make sure you use your feedback in your admin area to let staff know!


  3. I like the polls Blogger have just added but I stopped using Blogger as it didn't allow static pages. This would be great.

  4. @m63436
    Please send your feedback into staff on Monday making this request and be sure to include your reasons for asking for it in the feedback.

    In the meantime some bloggers use luckypolls

  5. and here is a review of what features these polling services and even some more polling services that can be used by bloggers offer.

    polls for - a review

  6. I wish the staff would read this! The widget to add poles, like on blogger, would be so helpfull.

  7. @wilkinson4jesus
    Please send your request into staff on Monday during support hours 9-5 PM Pacific time

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