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Can I get a discount on polls?

  1. I would like to create a poll but its only for about one month that i would need this poll. The problem is i am expecting way more than 1000 responses and for unlimited its $899 at polldaddy year. I am a student and that just seems unreasonable to me. Is there a way to do it for free or a much less cost please? thank you
    Blog url:

  2. It is possible that they may make exceptions for students, but I can't make any promises.

    Please contact for help with that.

  3. is this the only way have a poll on wordpress through polldaddy?

  4. Yes, it is.

    Alternatively, you could collect votes informally by creating a survey with our contact form engine:

  5. ok that could definately work thank you. Will it tally the will it say 83% blah blah blah??? Thanx. : )

  6. To automatically tally the votes you'll have to use an actual poll. The contact form let's you collect the data, but you'll have to tally it yourself.

    If you have some experience with Google Documents, you can create a form to collect the data and embed it in your blog. Read more about this on the Google Documents support page.

  7. thank you for your response. the problem is i need people to be able to see the voting as it goes along. sigh! this is amazing to me! is there no other way i can do this without paying $900.00. i guess im in disbelief. ty

  8. Unfortunately, we have no control over the prices set by PollDaddy, but if you contact them there's always the possibility that an exception could be made.

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