Polls are not working for me!

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    I tired adding a polldaddy poll in a new post by clicking on the orange button, but I got an error message, and was unable to post the poll I designed. Is anyone else having problems with this? And how can I create a poll, if this button doesn’t work?


    Deirdrea, I’ve not had that problem, but I can’t access my older polls! I can only see one page of polls, and there aren’t any numbers to go to different pages or see older polls. It’s only happened recently, so I’m hoping it’s a glitch. A few weeks ago, there were problems with the polls — technical issues that the wordpress people had to resolve — maybe it’s happened again. Just try to create your poll again, and see if it works; if not, wait a couple of days and try again.



    i can’t post my poll on my blog. I looked in the FAQ and it said something about clicking on Send to Editor…but I don’t see a Send to editor button anywhere. Can you guys help me?



    how i disply my desined polls on my blog,give me procedur.



    Here’s what I found when I tried adding a poll to a text widget.
    The short code is the code in the title of poll (not the body). Its basically a number that identifies the poll.
    Copy the shortcode and paste into the body of the text widget.

    I also noticed that if you go back and edit the poll, it will not be reflected in the blog unless you first remove the widget, click save, add the widget again, paste the text back in, then save it.


    I did my two polls in polldaddy and followed the directions there, and haven’t had any trouble.


    Hey, I don’t want to high jack this thread, but just as an aside, where the heck is WordPress, that is says it’s three am for the comment above, when by my clock it’s 9:01?



    That is UTC time.



    I’ve tried to add several polls as well. Won’t work for me either. The text box won’t permit me to enter anything. And I can’t get the themes to come up.

    I just figure it’s WordPress since I can make a poll on Polldaddy without any problem!




    Thanks everybody!

    The shortcode solution worked fine for me — I guess it was just a little easier than I thought!
    What doesn’t seem to work — by any means — is typing all the code you think should work.

    So, David, you’re right. It’s definitely WordPress.




    Thinking there’s an issue with Posting Polls in 2.7, too…

    After I create a poll, this is supposed to show somewhere:

    “A message will appear at the top letting you know the poll has been created. Click the Send to Editor button to insert the poll into your post or page.”

    But it doesn’t.

    Does anyone know of a workaround to get it to post in the main body of the blog?




    Polls don’t work! It glitches my computer!!! I have a PC.



    Get a Mac. Just kidding.

    It may be your browser. Try another browser, or restart the one you are using.


    Here’s what you can do to get your Poll Daddy poll to show up.

    1. Register an account on PollDaddy.com. Yes, even if you’ve already “signed up” through WordPress.
    2. Next, create your poll, design, etc., and click save & continue.
    3. On the right side of your window pane, there will be a “WordPress Blogs” box saying that you can use the new shortcuts and plugins, etc. Click on this.
    4. Click on the first line “My blog is on WordPress.com”
    5. Next, copy the entire small line; e.g., [polldaddy poll="########"]
    6. Go to your blog page. Start a new text post and paste the copied line onto blog post.
    7. Preview your post, and the poll should show up.
    8. Then, of course, publish your text post.

    Sorry if this seemed a little too tutorial! I started my blog today, and after I couldn’t post a poll, I did a little research and viola, this is the “long” way I discovered. Hopefully this works for everyone!

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