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    I just tried the POLLS that are part of WordPress (via PollDaddy that they created an account for me). I set the option at the right side to “allow comments” … because I WANT the comments for people who take the poll. However, when I published my post with the poll in it there is no way to include a comment as part of taking the poll. Shouldn’t there be a box or something for people to type their comments? I searched WordPress Support and Forums and didn’t see anything related to this, so I thought this might be the place to ask. Thanks for your guidance!

    The blog I need help with is godisinourmidst.com.



    I thought it would include my blog that is in question here … but don’t see it … so here it is: http://GodIsInOurMidst.com (it is the top post right now). thanks.



    I don’t know if the polls incorporate comments within them but I doubt that they do. You will have to check that out at the polldaddy site. But do note that you have placed the poll in a post and as every post has a comment box which can be used by those who wish to comment as well as clicking their selection in the poll.


    Yes, polls can incorporate comments. To leave a comment or see comments already submitted, you click “View Results”. You have two comments already:

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