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Polls - Other answer

  1. Hi,

    I have made some polls and there is an option where they can make an other answer than the suggestions. And all have and there is no way to see the results. There is no result button to view on that one.

    How can i see their answers?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. In order to assist you, we need the URL of your blog, starting with http:// please. Thanks.

  3. the blog is a non official so i dont know if its any good for you...

  4. I think you meant to say that it's "private", but no problem, I just wanted to make sure it was (not

    On your dashboard, in the same place where you created the poll (under Polls), click on the name of the poll. To allow people to enter an answer other than the ones you chose, in the "Save" module (usually on the right), tick the box that says "Allow other answers" and save the changes.

    Once people start answering your poll, you'll be able to see the results. Go back to the Polls section, and point your mouse over the name of the poll. You'll see a few options appearing under the name. The last one is called "Results".

    Does that answer your questions?

  5. Nope.

    On the polls with "normal" answers there is not a problem with the results but on this one with the "other answers" there isn't any results text to click

  6. Is there a way to attach pictures here? If i can show you

    (i am admin of the blog aswell)

  7. Once people start answering your poll, you'll be able to see the results.

    Has anyone answered your poll yet?

  8. Yes, when im on the page there are results!

  9. Try clearing your cache memory and deleting your cookies.

    To answer your other question: if you wish to include images, you'll have to upload the picture somewhere (not your media library - because your blog is private) and link to it here.

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