Polls showing below the footer (without permission)

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    Hi. First, sorry for my english, it´s very lousy.
    I find that in the footer of my blog (frontpage, page, or post), 3 polls are showing off the site (after the line with the name of the designer). I didn´t put them there, and I didn´t change anything either. Also, there is no widget in the footer (only in the right side), but the 3 polls are there. What I have found:
    1- The 3 polls are allways the same (not at random). I tried to edit every one of them, but have the same properties of the rest. There is no reason to be there.
    2- I change the theme, with no change. In any theme the result is the same. So, there is not a “bad code” problem.
    3- The polls still showing regardless the browser. I tried, IExplorer, Firefox and Opera, and still there.
    4- I don´t have any widget with polls in menu. The only polls I create, are in the lower zone inside of some posts (not in everyone either)
    5- Another strange thing is that in the showcase of any new theme, the polls are not there. But activating anyone of them, they return…

    Anyone had the same problem? Ideas pointing a solution?
    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is camaleonx.wordpress.com.



    Also found that:
    6- If I enter a post with one of the 3 polls in page added to the post, I can see the poll inside, but dissapears in the footer (only 2 showing that way). Going to other post, shows again the 3 polls bellow the site



    Did you put those polls in your blog posts at any point? Because it could be an HTML error. If so, go to Settings->Writing and select “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML” and save, then go and edit each of those posts somehow, making any change whatsoever and then Updating. That should fix it.



    Thanks! I tried your solution, but it didn´t work. The polls still showing off-page.

    Altough, I had locate the problem. The 3 polls now are 2 (before applying your solution), and I tried to figure out why. Then, I see that this 2 polls are from posts who shows on the sidebar widget “most viewed”. Yesterday, another post with a poll was in that widget, but not now (and not shows off-page either).
    Then, I inactivate that widget… and the page works perfect again, with no polls under the blog.

    So, the problem came from there, but I still can´t fix it. I activate again the widget, and again the 2 polls are below everything. Now I had it working, because it´s a very good one, but…

    Thanks again for your help, and sorry for my lousy english!



    I’ll update this thread with more information about the issue.

    Closing this thread. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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