Polls Widget Possible?

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    It would be nice if wordpress can incorporate this kind of a widget for us to create polls. :)



    Is it html code or javascript?



    PollDaddy is simple and flexible, allowing you to customize the styles to match your website or email campaign. Deliver your poll through JavaScript, direct link, widget or RSS feed.



    I think we talked about poll daddy in the past. I’m on a one browser window and can’t do a search. I think that’s the one where you just copy text links into a text widget.



    This is a new version where there is already a customizable widget. If wordpress can incorporate it like the meebo or flickr widgets it would be great!



    I read this forum, looked up and copied the HTML into a sidebar widget. The poll wouldn’t show up correctly with the radio buttons to click, but I was able to add the poll with each answer being a link. At least it works. Here’s my first online poll on WordPress.



    I heart Democracy.



    Democracy is beta and this is from the Democracy site:
    “Democracy 1.2 has been moved. I strongly discourage use of this version due to security issues.

    Specifically, the problem in 1.2 is as follows: If you make a poll with ‘add an answer’ turned on, then users can insert arbitrary html code, and therefore javascript. That’s an XSS vulnerability, and a serious one at that. Upgrading is highly recommended.”

    WordPress.com doesn’t allow javascript. The programming strips it out and your suggestion is the perfect example of why not. For further information you might like to read this


    timethief: I know that. I was suggesting v2.0 final to be added officially. ;)

    But it just occurred to me that I dunno you guys here at WP.com get anything in the way 3rd party coded plugins being added. I’ve literally used WP.com for all of 5 minutes and was just over here checking on a few things.

    <– is a WP.org user and code contributor

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