Pool Theme – Why is it available for one blog…but not another?

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    Hi there. I am trying to create a new blog, and I need to select a new theme for it because the theme for my old blog has retired. So…on my old blog, I found “Pool,” and I want to apply it to my new blog. But when I go into the dashboard for my new blog, and look through the themes–“Pool” is not there. It’s available–it’s something I can select for other blogs, just not this new blog I’m trying to create. Why???

    Is this a glitch and if so, how to I get this theme option for my new blog, since it it available for use (not retired).

    The blog I need help with is nirallesw.wordpress.com.



    Howdy! Retired themes are only available to sites that were active before the theme was retired, which explains why you see it for your old site but not your new one. I hope this clears things up!



    Yes…unfortunately is does. Thank you for your insight into this; it’s not the news I wanted, but I appreciate the help.

    These little “fine print” things on this site are the worst I’ve seen anywhere I’ve had a website, and I’ve been doing this for over ten years. It really just blows my mind how unorganized this stuff is, especially with the use of themes, current themes, retired themes…God. Just insane. Back to the drawing board, I guess.

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