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    Hi, this query relates to two of my blogs. I’m having difficulty with image uploads. Some of my original images (high res 300 dpi) display at a very poor quality on the page when uploaded. Very odd as it happens to some images and not others. Have tried to rectify through ‘edit image’ settings but no success.

    This is a really recent problem – it’s only been happening over the past 2-3 weeks and never at any previous point over a number of years of WordPress use.

    Any ideas gratefully accepted …

    The blog I need help with is tracesofnutscomedy.wordpress.com.


    I am having the very same problem with my blog…dont understand why.
    i upload 800X532, at 72dpi, which is normal for any image on the web. I used to see it perfect on blogger platform for instance, let alone on my Mac. Now i loose sharpness a lot, definition and clarity.
    I even later uploaded at higher res, but still the same problem.
    Any help from anyone?



    Optimized images for the web are 72 dpi and low resolution. Images you re-size after uploading into your WordPress.com blog lose some color and sharpness. If you want better image quality use an image editing application to re-size copies of your images to the specific dimensions required then upload and insert those copies.
    Tips on doing that here http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/2012/03/26/cropper-or-proper-image-preparation/

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