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Poor neglected old posts

  1. For people with blogs that are old or oldish, early posts can go unnoticed and receive few if any comments. I thought it might be fun for us to post a link to our 'poor neglected old posts' and give them a chance of receiving some views and some comments. Only one link at a time, and only blogs please.

    To start, here's mine:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. invisiblemikey

    I posted about this topic in May of 2010. Here's that article:

  3. This is a great idea!

    Here's a post that's appropriate for this time of year about taking my son to middle school for the first time.

  4. Here is a post with a poem I wrote while the blog was on blogspot:

    It so old it doesn't even show up on my stats.

  5. I wrote this shortly after I started by blog, asking should we live in fear of the public service.

    I also wrote an open letter to my husband

  6. Did you know that ants can spell their name? Well, they can!


    Born In The Wrong Decade - The second blog post I made, the first was my long winded thoughts on the Stargate franchise, shortly after I rewatched every episode. This one is my thoughts on current life and how I wish I was born earlier.


    My first post, an absolute beginner's guide to learning to program flash games.

  9. Bloggers: Are You Still Multitasking?
    We live in a world where multitasking is commonplace. If you think juggling phone calls, e-mail, instant messages and computer work makes you more effective or productive then several studies say you are wrong. Their results point in the opposite direction and highlight the fact that the more heavily you multitask the less effective and productive you become. I seems the more multitasking we do the more mediocre the results are.
    10 tips for breaking the multitasking habit and an excellent video.

  10. Cold Calling - Why I Hate It And Why It's Ruined My Life

    Think this is my third blog entry, shortly after I quit Voice Telemarketing for the second time, during my "dark place" phase.

  11. This is one of my favorites and I just submitted it for a writing contest. (Yikes)

    A post about being the mother of an autistic child.

  12. I just happened to take a peek at my "All Time" stats to see why my lamb gravy post is so high on the popularity list (lots of people want to make gravy, I gather) and I looked down at the early days posts and found this one.

    It might surprise a few people about Australia, actually.

  13. I guess I couldn't really say my blog has neglected "old posts" since my blog is only just over three months old. But I do have some neglected posts.

    I give you Ronald Reagan: Still Keeping the World in Check. A wonderful little piece on Ronald Reagan statues, embedded with the presidents heart and essence, coming to life around the world and continuing to kick some commie ass!

  14. Hmmm.... that didn't work. I wonder if it was the question mark at the end?
    Ah, I see... I forgot to put a link in it it. Whoops!

    Oh well, try it this way:

  15. Maybe You Should've Stuck To Rehab

    My controversial look at Amy Winehouse and why I wasn't as devastated as everyone else when she kicked the bucket.

  16. So many neglected old posts, so little time. :D But this is one of the first I thought of:

  17. I put mine in a Best Of Raincoaster widget, but it's done nothing for them in terms of traffic. This is one of my favorites, and it took me six hours:

  18. Mostly photographs. Some of them are my favourites.

    Wetland Park

  19. @ noirciplume.. I also like this post of yours:


  20. This is the best Help Desk Answer I have seen in ages. Simple. Compact. Does what it says on the tin. Thank you for your stroke of genius.

  21. Here is another, one more then I'm off. Don't want to overstay my welcome.

  22. I have only been blogging for Eight days but new found friends across the internet advised me to add more tags. I was only using 1 or two in the beginning, now I have a bigger tag cloud I would like someone to read my back catalogue.

  23. @imnotedhughes
    Re: your friends telling you to user more tags
    I'm assuming they did not explain what spamdexing is and that over use of Categories and/or tags triggers the "spamdexer" label
    The rule of thumb is to use only the minimum number of relevant Categories and Tags that accurately describe your content. Google bots check and veirfy that the keywords in Categories, Tags, sub-heading, Heading, and posts titles actually do appear in the text - if they don't the spider's cough and puke data into the waste-bin, so to speak.

    Please read > Missing posts >

  24. This is from my personal blog. No one really goes on it because I don't plug it or anything :)

    Just a simple 2 or 3 lines but it makes me smile because it was from when I was with my mum. She lives in Australia and I'm in England. It was the first time I'd been with her for over 2 years after living with her for 16. Blogging a funny moment :P

  25. @timethief

    I have only been blogging for a week and have never heard the term "Spamdexing", yes he did go overboard, his tags were longer than most of my poems. He is editing them as we speak, thanks for the tips.

    This is the best page I have seen in ages, it is the true spirit of blogging.

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