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Poor photo qualities for Canon pictures vs. Nikon?

  1. dontaskmetosmile

    I have noticed a downgrade in the quality of my pictures when I upload them to my blog. I've tried the suggestions from this forum:

    and resizing the picture close to the size they'll be displayed in the blog helped, but I still notice the dip in the quality of the photos. I went through my pictures, and it seems that the problem is more pronounced in the pictures taken with my Canon G11 (example: versus the ones taken with a Nikon D40x ( The originals from the G11 are fine, in my opinion.

    Do I need glasses? If no, why is that? Any more tips in improving the quality of uploaded pictures?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please see here > How good is WordPress at resizing and resampling your images? >

  3. If the images are of similar quality there will be no difference when uploaded. A JPG is a JPG.

    If you want maximum quality for the image showing in the post, and then enlarged version, you need to upload two images: one the exact size that is going into the post, then then the larger version that you want people to see when you click on the smaller version in the post. You then link the smaller version in the post to the larger version.

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